Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reunion Dinner

Warning: Total camwhore alert!

I can't believe I can be this camwhore when I actually managed to gain 5kg in one sitting. To people who are going to say I'm not fat, I'll have to say this is not about me being fat, but about me gaining 5kg in one sitting. I managed to gain 5kg just in one dinner. Amazing? There are more amazing stuff I did.

Let's see, what had I eaten?

This year's reunion dinner was at Hyatt's Straits Kitchen (camwhore picture later) which was basically buffet styled, so I ate one popiah before we started dinner proper. Then we had yusheng, I had one serving, but lots of raw fish. Then I hit out the main dished. One portion of rice, one portion of noodles, a little bit of fried oyster, and get ready for this, two portions of chicken breast and one portion of duck breast, and not to mention two dozens of prawns. But this was not all, I had soup, two bowls of mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall. And of course dessert, how can I forget dessert? One large bowl of mango pudding with two scoops of mango sherbet, one large bowl of guilin gao, and some mini oranges. I can conclude, I am a pig.

I think I had the most worthwhile meal out of everybody, greatest value for me, since this is buffet, I just can't help it but know that I must eat more than the value I paid for the buffet. Actually the two bowls of Buddha was able to cover one and a half of the price of the buffet, but well, Joan the big eater.

Here are some pictures of the food I ate...

The yusheng

The mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall

The duck and the chicken... While other people shared their food, I ate everything on that plate myself.

The prawns left when I remembered

The mini oranges... They are so cute that me and my sister stuffed a dozen more of them into her bag and brought them home. They are now like lying in my fridge waiting for me to eat them. I'm such a cheapo...

I love mango

I hadn't taken lots of pictures because I kept forgetting that I wanted to take pictures. yea... The only time Joan can forget to take pictures is when Joan sees food and Joan wants to eat the food, hence Joan can actually forget to take pictures. So if any of you want to stop Joan from taking pictures, just stuff delicacies into her mouth, but note, I mean only delicacies~ lol~ Other food just don't work.

The thing about Hyatt is that it's a 5star hotel, and I needed to dress up for the event. And more importantly, there was many very scenic structures around the hotel for me to exercise my camwhore-ness. I think I can be a model already... hehehe~

First I tried modelling my hands, for my nails and for my watch. The manicure has already been detailed in my previous entry. The watch is a diamond encrusted Rolex watch, so it seems like waiting for me to take pictures of it. hmm... If only the face of the watch is in pink...

I'm very tempted to put them in a bigger size, but I guess I should not be that buay paiseh...






Straits Kitchen~ See, I've done such a good job advertising it, can I have an endorsement job? hmm... I guess at the rate I'm eating, I'd end up bankrupting them if they let me eat for free...


And once again, I've maxed out my flickr account for this month. But this month is worse, I've maxed out all three of my flickr accounts. I seldom have to end up using this flickr account, but this month is really a hectic month for me, so wahaha, more pictures~~~ And one thing I'm proud of is that, all my photos in this entry are not photoshopped!!! Not many people can survive without photoshop, but I think I can~ heehee~~~

I guess I won't be blogging about the Chinese New Year until February, so wait for me till then ba... Even if I blog anything about CNY, there can't be any pictures in my blog. yea... And I guess I'll also be receiving more complains about my blog taking forever to load. I'm so sorry peeps~

Wishing all of my friends, a very Happy Chinese New Year and have a sailing year ahead, every one of my friends~ Gong Xi Fa Cai, and don't forget the hongbao and my birthday pressie... hehehehe~

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