Monday, February 20, 2006

A Reply to Anonymous

A reply to the Anonymous from here

I guess I don't know you right? Or at least, you are not in my MSN list because I openly asked via my MSN nick who is that Anonymous. And if you've seen my MSN nick, I think you wouldn't have posted the next message. *wink wink*

To reply directly to your second comment, it's okay la... It hasn't caused me much hurt or distress, maybe a bit of laughter and amusement, so I guess I won't be deleteing them. I guess, or rather I hope, my profs wouldn't really mind your comment, if they really mind I guess they won't be reading my blog, or continue reading my blog.

Thank you for enjoying my blog, and my photos, although me haven't been putting up much photos lately, been more occupied over the series of short stories.

And erm... It's a bit the upsetting for me to think that you'd actually thought that I'd stop blogging because of this little little comment. No lor... Joan is made of something more that that lor...

Another little thing about leaving comments.

Some people don't allow anonymous comments but I allow them because I'm not afraid of letting those who are afraid to hide behind an anonymous cover. I don't comment anonymously on other people's blogs, I'd as far as possible always use my blogger identity to leave comments so that I can be authenticated, but I don't expect everyone to do the same. I think I understand Singaporeans and all their "afraids".

However, I did turn on word verification. I hope it's not too much of a hassle or something that would turn you away from commenting on my blog. I turned it on because Blogger's really spammed with all those nonsense comments. I've my comments routed directly to my mailbox so I don't want spams in that mailbox. In fact, that mailbox is a pretty new mailbox, I just got it in the past year, so it's not spammed and I love it very much. I love getting emails although I don't really get a lot. Usually, if there's a return email in the comments I'd reply them. I don't like to reply things on my comments box here because whatever I need to say will be said in the blog. This is the space I leave for people who really wants to comment. Only if there's a specific question for me to reply then I'd reply. okay, actually the real reason is that I'm too lazy to reply in the comments. bleahz...

I don't have a tagboard. I used to have it when I first got my blog, but I did away with it after a while because it didn't really serve the purpose for it being there. This comment box is good enough. For most other little little comments people want to give me, they usually MSN me instead, it's so much easier, they think. Maybe it's the nature of my blog, the readership, most of my readers are stalkers. I don't mind stalkers really, as long as you buy my book when I publish it, you can stalk me for all I care.

But seriously, I really wonder how many people really do read my blog, like read every single word of it. I don't think there're really anyone except me who can go through every single word with me. For my photo-laden blog entries, it's easy to read everything since people like pictures and I less luosuo with pictures. But the bulk of my entries aren't picture-laden, I only get cam-whoreish when I'm hyper, and not lazy, most of the time I'm either depressed or lazy, then there'd be those lengthy posts of me and my depression and how low I am. Or when I'm lazy I'd write crap, or not write at all. Can anybody actually go through all my those incoherent posts and read them all? I think even my closest friends don't have that stamina.

I'm not saying this is disappointment because I accept that as fact. And I also have come to regard most blog hoppers as people who hop through loads of blogs every da and are usually pressed for time to read the next blog so they won't want to spend too much time on mine, or the stalkers are people who like looking at pictures to pass time and won't really linger over my writings since they are more interested in pictures. Of course, I am stereotyping.

For my friends, I've enough comments from people who tell me that I write too much. I write as I wish. It's really no problem that you don't read me as long as you buy my book. hahaha~ hmm... At the present rate, I think I only can do vanity publishing which Prof Farrell has expressed his disdain for. But I think I can start out from there then slowly build up a readership base. One day I'll make it big. Eric Khoo did started from vanity filming too, so why can't I?

Okay, I'm digressing... Back to the topic, actually, I've finished with what I want to say. Good night~


Anonymous said...

haha. Yep, you don't know me and I don't know you. I had actually wanted to ask you that question ever since I started reading your blog in Jan... Me being the kaypoh that I am. :p

I'm glad that it didn't cause you much hurt or distress. :) I certainly don't want it to cause you any scandal, cos you entered your blog for the NUS blogfest 2006, right? :) Hope that you win that one. :)

Sorry about the part of the comment that upset you a little. It was my projection of what I would have done if I had received such a comment. And I apologise for assuming that of you. You are much stronger than I am. :)

I hope that your profs are ok with the comment as well. *keeping fingers crossed for ya* It's not your fault because you couldn't control who writes what in the comments' section. So, profs, if you are reading this, please continue to read Joan's blog and endorse the book when it comes out.

So, Joan, good luck with the book, the exchange program in Germany and everything in life. :) Jia you, or. :)

Cindy said...

hey i read this entry. every word. hehe. :D

anyway, you're really publishing a book?