Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Rambling

I'm into a whole mood swing mode now. I was supposed to be up and about with a packed holiday, but it came all tumbling down with an SMS telling me he wasn't free. Now I've lost like all interest with doing anything at all and am lying at home doing nothing but reading scanlations and Wikipedia the whole day. I'd problem venture into watching old animes later and football of course, Champions League is back. Other than that I'd probably be sleeping. Try catching my on MSN if you see me online at night, I'm more open to chatting late at nights.

I read the Chinese version, and am keeping up with Chinese scanlations, but I buy the English version for keepsake. I realised one thing, my understanding of the Chinese Language in manga sucks. Remember Rin from this entry? I always thought she was pregnant when I read the Chinese version of scanlations, it was only until reading the English manga that I realised that even though she did have a sexual relationship with Haru, she only had stomach ulcers, nothing serious, and she's definitely not pregnant.

But unfortunatly, she had her long flowing hair snipped off by Akito now.

It has amazing pages on manga and anime, right now, I've read everything in there on Fruitsbasket, Chobits, Tsubasa, Cardcaptor, FMA blah... I think I can get a Wiki in anime and manga. I've also been reading about other stuff like brandings and advertising and really useless stuff. And the history of China from the Xia Dynasty to the Ching Dynasty. I think I really am bored.

I tried reading the latest Fruitsbasket chapters but I can't tell where I stopped at and some chapters are missing, anyway I'd still be buying the series in English version so I will one day fully understand what is going on. But until now, I'm pretty disappointed with where the story is heading. I tired reading Tsubasa too, but I think it's more fun reading it in a book. I head halfway Chobits but not very compelled to complete it. I might read xxxHOLiC if I'm really bored.

Fruitsbasket Scanlations
I am pretty blur with what's happening, and pretty disappointed with where the plot is heading.
***Spoliers Ahead***
I am not for the relationship between Kyou and Touru. I am not a Kyou fan, in fact I prefer Yuki, but now I'm deeply in love with Momiji. I've great pity for Akito too.
Don't know how many of you notice this, sometimes when I'm down I'd use this as my MSN display pic, it's of Akito.
Momiji have grown bigger now, taller and more shuai, and very manly. He's still him though, with his maturity and sometimes little bit of cuteness.
There's too little of Yuki lately and I don't like it. Wikipedia says there'd be altogether 22 books in the series, so if it's true the story would end soon I guess. Looking forward to it~

Another thing being online lately is that I get a lot of first hand news straight off the web.
The interesting this about this is that I read xlx's blog and hence came to know about this incident. That day, two people asked me if I've heard about that news, coincidentally both of them aren't in Singapore now. One's in Aberdeen and the other in Utrecht. The next day, I mentioned about it in passing to two of my friends in school, both haven't heard about it. I asked my dad too, he's working in NYP, nope, he didn't hear about it.

Thanks to a particular kaypoh friend, I actually possess that video, and even the one which features the "before" part. Consolidating what I know, I have lost all faith in our local newspapers. How is it that a person staying 6000miles away in Aberdeen is able to picture a more accurate report to me about that incident together with video evidence than someone who's supposed to be paid to bring us news? I'm totally disillusioned with the local media.

I've read a few blogs by people commenting about that incident. I think it's useless. Really, it's no point putting yourself in her position and comment about what you think because circumstances and commentaries are different matters. And commenting about her as a victim or as a slut or as a whatever is totally a disrespectful act. Who do you think you are to such comment about other people's moralities? I'm also so totally disappointed with people nowadays. I think I'm just so jaded with my own life.

Last night I was talking with a friend regarding this issue and we talked a lot about morality issues. And just nice I had a little brush with my morals that afternoon.

I WANT CHELSEA TO BEAT BARCELONA FLAT AGAIN!!! I'm actually feeling nervous for Chelsea. hai...

My Birthday
I don't feel at all very excited. Maybe it's because most of the preparations were taken on by the parents, like preparing the food and stuff, and friends buying me presents. I've got a few replies from friends telling me what they've bought for me so that I can strike things off the list. I feel touched and a bit comforted that at least I know I won't be getting rubbish for my birthday. I've also received an ang pau from my aunt, a really fat one, I should say. But I just can't bring myself to feel that all excited. I know, that ultimately the ones whom I want most to be there won't be there. Okay, I know still the girls, the cds girls, the 4B people, and my drama people from nus and the ding dings will be there, and Cindy and Xinli, and Eugene korkor, but still hai... I dunno la...

It sucks when you open your MSN and see the majority of the names have a busy sign up there or an away sign. I know two of the people whom I most want to chat don't want to chat with me, so they're often not online and even if they are, the busy and away sign would be up and that sucks.

My Writings
I've been wanting to write, but no mood to write. I've a stroy that wants to be penned out but I feel so tired. Sometimes some lines would enter me but I'm too lazy to put them into paper and they disappear after a while.


Suddenly I've the urge to pull out all my old VCDs and rewatch them. Maybe putting my mind onto something would help. I miss Touya and Yukito. I was reading in Wikipedia that in the original Japanese series, only Touya calls Yukito Yuki and that's their little thing going on, but in the translated versions, everyone calls Yukito Yuki, I hate translations. And in the orginal version, Syaoran doesn't all Sakura Sakura until late in the show, and Tomoyo would then make a fuss out of it, but it's not followed in the translations.

I noticed that lots of manga like to name cute cute male characters as Yuki, like if there's a guy who fits the image of tall, pale, shuai, gentle, nice, and loved by every girl in the school, he'd be called Yuki. I like Yukis.

Ice Hockey
I didn't mention that the other thing that occupies my time lately is the Winter Olympics. I like watching ice hockey. I've always liked ice hockey ever since I watched a Jap drama with this cute guy playing ice hockey. Watching real live action of ice hockey is different, however. It's still fun and interesting. Too bad we don't have an ice hockey team here. I've also been Wiki-ing about winter sports, I think I'm now an expert about ice hockey, curling, skiing, skating, blah-ing.

I officially can say I have no life.

Channel 5
For the first time in years I watched 3 movies on Channel 5 in one weekend. I watched Josie and the Pussycats (again), Kate & Leopold, and Catch Me if You Can (again). I didn't know that they'd be playing Josie and the Pussycats until I checked up the listings online at very handy website and I only watched it because I had nothing better to do. I dozed off halfway.

Kate and Leopold
It brought out the cynic back in me all over again. Usually when I watch this sort of romance film I'd tear, but that night I didn't. In fact I remained stoic for the whole film. Yes, it was romantic and everything, but I'm now a cynic, I know such romance would never exist in reality, so why should I even bother to try and put myself in those shoes? Sucks...

I need some life.

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