Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shopping with Jasmine

I went Body Shopping with Jasmine last Sunday, and it became a mini shopping trip. I like hanging out with Jasmine, she's so cool~ In a way, I won't feel that bimbotic when with her as Jasmine never fails to flaunt her bimboness. erm... hehehe~

Put two girls in a shopping trip, one with a camera, and see what havoc we can do.

But Sunday was a bit subdued. We concentrated on getting the necessities from Body Shop, then we headed about for some light shopping. Jasmine wanted this pair of Diesel shoes. I think we are very bad influences for each other. Everytime we go shopping together, our mothers get angry over the stuff we bring home, and the amount we'd spent on them, so I guess it's evident to whether Jasmine bought that pair of Diesel shoes.

I'd say it's money well spent. Good shoes are hard to find, especially shoes that care comfy and don't cut your leg and can allow you to walk a hundred miles in them without giving way. I'd say Birkies are all we need, but then again, not everyone is like me who've gone to Germany and snagged Birkies at half the local retail price.

After getting the shoes, we headed for the toilet.

Remember Parkway? At the place where John Little used to occupy, it's now a dozen new shops and a spanking nice and clean female toilet and baby room. If you notice the sign beside Esprit and Topshop, the toilet sign is only the female toilet sign. At first I thought it was a signage error, then upon entering the corridor, I realised that there was only the female toilet. I guess, the men just don't get it~

The toilet has this huge mirror and a ledge for women to prim themselves.

I leaned on the ledge and waited for dear Jasmine to be done using the toilet. Then we noticed that the toilet was very nice. Jasmine said a little something about taking pictures in the toilet when I suddenly remembered that I did have my camera with me.

IMG_6644 copy
"Jasmine, You've managed to camouflaged yourself!" I exclaimed.

Then I turned back and exclaimed, "Hey! I can camouflage myself too, but just my shorts. Jasmine, help me take a picture too,"

And Jasmine took this...
IMG_6645 copy
"Eh, where's my head ah, Jasmine?" me asked.
"Oops..." Jasmine replied. "And I'm in the picture too. heehee..."
"Help me take again can?" me asked.
"Sure, no probs," Jasmine replied.

And she took this...
IMG_6646 copy
"Erm... You best lor, Jasmine," me said.
"I guess next time your wedding you won't want me as photographer," Jasmine mused.

Then Jasmine looked into the mirror and said, "Hey! Let's take ourselves in the mirror again!"
IMG_6647 copy
Oop... Me did a Jasmine.

So, we tried again.
IMG_6648 copy

That was not the end of our bimbotic theatrics. We went into Kalm's and oohed and ahhed over this jewellery box that looked like a closet, complete with a hanger from the top which can put earrings and necklaces and drawers for little bling blings. And I lifted up the top of the box, a little ballerina stood up and spinned with a soft tinkling sound. "Oh my God!" went the both us us immediately and audibly. And we continued a few more "Oh my Gods!" before we left the store.

Can someone help the both of us? I think we are very bad influences on each other. But I still love shopping with Jasmine. Brokeback Mountain and late night shopping at Cineleisure, girl~

Then we went for dinner at Pastamania. Actually I brought my camera to take picture of my food, but I forgot all about taking pictures when I saw food. Seafood pasta on Sunday. I so love seafood. I just had seafood pizza from Cartel on Friday night and I still had cravings for seafood on Sunday night.

IMG_6649 copy
I cleaned off all the clams when I remembered that I was supposed to take pictures of my food.

IMG_6651 copy
That's what left when I remembered.
One stubborn clam which I can't seem to manage to open. So wasted... The idea of having one more clam but not being able to eat it sucks. But I tried to console myself that usually bad clams don't open up, so there's a high possibility that that clam is bad since it's shut tightly.

After that Jasmine walked home, I took a bus home. but our escapades did not end there. It started to rain. I got stucked in the bus stop outside my house, while Jasmine got stucked in 7-11's. Maybe it's girl thing, we ended up both separately calling the daddies to come pick us up even though we are not more than a couple of walks away from our house. hehehe~

Jasmine, we should do this more often. Beats stuck at home, or in school, or in anywhere and getting depressed for no reasons or whatsoever.


Eunice said...

joanie, have you thought of joining the NUS blogfest? http://nusartsclub.org/blogfest/

you're the first person who came into my mind when I saw the announcement ^.^v

xxoos said...

okie... i registered liao... don't know what the repurcussions would be though...

Anonymous said...

hey so u have actually eaten so much seafood in a short time span and you still had craving for it tonight.. Wow. Your food pics make me hungry ah..


Eunice said...

lol.. "repurcussions".. won't be that bad ba, gal :) cos I thought since you're one of the most consistent blogger, and blogging's almost like second nature to you, no harm entering a blogfest ^_^

blog awayy~~!
we'll be ur "blogders".. kekeke..