Thursday, March 02, 2006


The video I was talking about.

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The before story, the NUS Chinese Drama people dug a hole to bury me. Not wanted to get sand all over my clothes, I stripped to my bikini. Somewhere in between, Jinwei decided to make a sand pillow to rest my head, but it ended up burying my hair and I was not able to get my hair out of the sand. Also, a group of Banglas started staring at me. Our perception was that they wanted to see me coming out from the sand and oogle. What the fuck...

The video ended when I decided that since I was sandy I should go about "baobao"-ing other people and give them a taste of sand. Cindy freaked out by my hugs stopped the video and ran off.
Why I do not like Banglas staring at me?
It the same reason why I got worked up last Christmas and New Year when there were Banglas molesting our teenage girls.

A local molester is only a molester, a Banglas molester is not just a molester he's something worse than that. It's not that I look down on the poorer nations, but to me, I think that the Banglas ought to be thankful that they are able to come to Singapore to work, any other foreign worker no matter where they come from and where they go should think this way too. And if they are thankful, they shouldn't be outraging the modesty of our girls. It's bad enough for a girl to be molested, it's worse for a girl to be molested by a foreign worker. It's bad enough for our society to have the existence of molesters, it's worse for our society to have the existence of foreign workers who are molesters.

This issue brings be back to an excursion Farrell brought us on for Singapore Military History. He said that one of the grand strategies that the Japanese took when they occupied Singapore was the condoning of the Japanese soldiers to ravage the local women. This sends out a message to the local men that they were not even able to take care of their women and children, so why should they even try take care of this country.

I parallelled this with what the Banglas are doing, as with what they Japanese did. It's of not much difference. The Banglas today can take advantage of our women, tomorrow they can take over our land, the day after tomorrow Singapore will become the next outpost island of Bangladesh. Our men? I don't know where they'd be. So, come on men, protect your women, not just by serving NS, not just by joining the armed forces, but by preventing our women from being taken advantage of.

In war, pyschological warfare plays a huge part. Singapore is very vulnerable to such, hence we must really do our utmost to prevent another tragedy from ocurring.

I'm not saying that we should not allow the Banglas to come to Singapore to work, I know definitely there are Banglas who really want to work and earn enough to provide for their family. But we should also culture them about our society. In Southern Asia, women are still subjugated. According to one season of Amazing Race, there were feedbacks that all the women in the show were molested in India. Maybe the Indians didn;t think there's anything wrong with molesting a couple of girls, so when we bring them into our society, we should let them know what's wrong. Also, they should be punished for their deeds, and make it known to the our Banglas that this is the consequence if they broke our law.

I remember last Deepavali, Sentosa was filled with thousands of Banglas, and they seriously traumatised me. Another horror account was on another occasion this Indian guy, he wore a pair of white shorts, went into the sea, came out drenched. In full view. I think Singapore has laws pertaining to indecent exposure.


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Cindy said...

JOIN UNIFEM!!! save women in places like india from gettign rape everysing waking min of their life!!