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Fan Lihua 樊梨花

移山倒海 樊梨花

I'm a TV junkie, I've said this many times, but I think I've taken a new low on this title of a TV junkie. I wanted to put up a video clip of something i video-ed off the telly, but before I clicked on You Tube's upload, I paused, I'm not sure if I'd be breaking any copyright laws by uploading it so in the end I didn't upload it. Oh well...

And there left like only a week for the blogfest thingie. So if you haven't voted for me, can please go to vote for me. I just received an invitation from the organisers that there would be a little party next Friday from 6.30 to 8.30pm. Well, I call this discrimination. For four semesters now, never have I a semester which has less than two days of lessons ending at 8pm. This semester I have 3, and a three day week even before I dropped those modules. bahz~

I start my story by telling of a story of fate. I remember that was when I still lived in PGP, so that makes it when I was in year one. I was bored living alone and nights alone were the hardest to bear, so I left the telly on throughout the night, hoping that the noise from the telly can bring me some warmth of home. I flipped channels occasionally but most of the time I went about doing my stuff mostly online chatting and surfing and sometimes reading when I took little notice of the telly.

But fate has it that one day I coincidentally saw this part of this serial in the telly, and I got hooked. I finished watching that episode, but took little notice of what I'd watched. The next day I too let my telly on through the night, and somewhere in the middle of the show, I noticed that that was the show I watched the night before, and I continued watching it, and finished the episode. The next night I took notice of that show, and kept my telly on and waited for that show to start. I didn't know what time that show was starting, and could only guard by the telly.

The following nights I got clever. I checked out this very handy website before I watched that show to check out the times and listings. It was at an ungodly time of like 1.30am. It was the last show on channel U before you hear the Mari Kita and the telly goes blue. But I didn't care that it was a trashy Taiwanese programme, I just watched it. I'm saying it's trashy as it's the standard kind of Taiwanese low budget, period show with old actors. Think Sun Cuifeng and Ma Jingtao. But I still liked it maybe because I was really bored. Even when I went home, I still proceeded to switch on the telly at the stipulated time to watch that show. Even my mother who've seen me watched really trashy shows was flabbergasted by me watching this show.

This show should not be mixed up with the TVB one by Michelle Yip. This is the less well known one.
Click here for the webbie
I wanted to put up the picture of the heading but I can't seem to be able to download it. Must be the copyright thingie.

Fast forward one year later. Last week I was at my parents' room talking, the telly was on, and straight away I noticed that THE TELLY WAS SHOWING FAN LIHUA!!! Oh my God... I guarded by the telly that night. And I went to check the listings at the another very handy webbie. And now, I'm a slave to that show all over again. I don't know what it is about that show that hooked me, maybe the method acting ba... The actors are all very good method actors who can tear on demand. Sun Cuifeng started out as an opera actress and Ma Jingtao is the standard Qiongyao lead actor when he was younger.

Some photos of the show~

The story of Fan Lihua is something like she disgused herself as a guy and went to school under the wing of a very respected master together with Xue Dingshan and Yang Fan. But fate has it that Fan Lihua, a Xiliang general's daughter, fell in love with Xue Dingshan, a Tang general's son. Things get messy when you include the villianous Yang Fan from Xixia who also likes Fan Lihua and another girl, Dou Xiantong, who manages to get married to Xue Dingshan after much scheming.

Yesterday I was quite bored, and wanted to play around with my new handphone (to me it's still new), so I video-ed some sequences of the show, but because of copyrighted laws I don't feel that safe uploading them onto youtube to share, so here's the next best thing, photos. wahaha~

Here's the normal photos I've taken...

Our title character

Now, this is the colour mixtures I tried to play with. I've played with these colour mixtures on other people's phones before (namely the ever around Wei, I think I look good when I use his handphone to take pictures of myself) but first time playing it out on my own handphone is something new.

Sepia~ I like sepia~ The photo I use for my blogger account is in sepia, you can see it on the top left hand side of my blog and when I leave comments on other people's blogger blogs.

I thought the effect was great. With the whole period background and costumes, this looked like a flash back of the past, brings me memories of the Shaw Brothers era of Gongfu flicks from Hong Kong and Shanghai.

But quite funny, the black and whites don't seem to remind me much of the black and white film era.

Black and white seems so monotonous, especially when put beside the pictures of sepia. Now to think of that I remembered when I first played with the colour tones on Wei's handphone, I loved the sepia ones much much more than the others. The black and white one was quite the ugliest cos the whole tone is so flat. Even the negative one was so much nicer. Okay, the negative one was supposed to be artistically taken.

I don't know why but it seems that taking negative pictures from the telly seems to be the wrong thing because, well, let the pictures say for themselves.

They look like *censored*. Notice the fairer they are, the blacker they look.

Compare those pictures to those of me, in colour tones~ All taken on Jinwei's handphone, actually these pictures aren't the nicest, like my blogger photo, but well, thought I must give credit to him so I left that blogger photo out. (Note: The blogger photo is taken by another friend of mine who's using the same handphone model as Wei, so I'm generalising that that handphone model takes nice pictures of me!)

A normal me. One of the earliest photos Wei took of me so I don't think I look that great yet.
Joan in blue adidas cap

Sepia. For quite a short time I used that as my MSN display picture.
joan big head smiling in sepia

Black and white. Maybe it's my problem, I just don't think I look nice in the photo, maybe it's because I was slouching, and my shoulders look fat.
joan slouching upper body in black and white

Negative. Compared to the above photos, I don't think I look that much like a n*****, do I? I like this picture. Everytime when I'm feeling depressed and sad I'd use this for my MSN display picture.
joan sitting in empty hall in negative

I don't know what this is called, I don't have this colour tone in my handphone, but I like it leh... How ah?
joan big head tilted in paint
I think my make up looks nice in this picture, making me look good too. I always use this as my MSN display picture when I'm happy. Quite a pity this picture has some distractions at the back, if not I'd frame this picture up and also use it as my blogger picture instead.

Okay, this I've ranted on too much about myself. Fan Lihua is showing on Channel 8 every Thursdays to Saturdays (I think) at 2+ (no exact time for each day), I don't expect anyone other than me or maybe some other suffering from insomnia people to watch it, but if you trust me, maybe you'd like to watch it too? Look out for their actings, those are really good method actors.

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