Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Manhattan Fish Market

After hearing so much about it, we finally went there for a meal. We went there after watching this movie. Noticed that I've been using "we" and in that entry I also used "we" throughout but never once said who were the "we"? The "we" shall be unravelled later on as this post unfolds itself.

This is now my third entry for the night, please people, there isn't much time left till the end of the blogfest thingie, so please vote for me here okie? I'll promise to continue blogging even if I get lost deep in the Schwarzwald. Actually I'm really hoping I can get lost in there then find myself in Baden-Baden at the resort housing the English football players~ wahaha~ Okay, people, can vote for me here?
I'll promise to ask for a few more autographs if I lose my way in the Schwarzwald.

The Manhattan Fish Market

At first we had only wanted to look at the prices and the range of food since they weren't really fans of seafood, but it turned out that that price range was actually quite a fair bit lower than the prices at Fish and Co, so we decided to eat there. Yea... Fish and Co's really exorbident sia...

The interior of the place.
Not bad. Though it reminds me very much of Fish and Co.

The Menu.
Looks very nice, I like the red, and I like the pictures.

The table settings.
Reminds me a lot of Fish and Co. Maybe all Fish and Chip places just happens to be like that, I don't know. Or maybe I shouldn't be comparing, I should just shut up and eat, but as Fish and Co seems to be the flagship in this fish and chip line, one cannot help but make comparisons. Actually, remember Harry's Fish and Chips which used to be at the Stadium there? I miss the fish and chips there man...

Okay, we had wanted to try out the fish and chips there. The Dory Fish and Chips to be more precise. But I thought, since I would be blogging about it, and since I'll be having to take pictures of the food to display, why are we all ordering the same thing??? But I can't manage to change the mind of those two, so in the end I chose to eat something else. But then, this makes this entry more interesting. Okay, I don't know if it would interest anyone, but personally, this suaku here was very amazed.

But that would be later, our food wasn't arriving until we whiled our time away camwhoring. I mean, we had a window seat!!! Oops, not window, MIRROR seat~

The we were...

Jinwei will look shuai when he loses weight; Jinsen will look shuai if he wears contacts; Joan will look mei if she makes up. Unfortunately, only Joan will make up when se goes out; Jinwei is too lazy to lose weight; Jinsen doesn't wear contacts, so in the end there's only one halfway good looking person. erm... bah~ I'm too buay hiao bai liao le. Nah... I'm not really that good looking, I just know how to angle myself to look a bit better than in real life. But at least I don't resort to photoshopping my faces, only make up.

Jinwei's Dory Fish and Chips

Jinsen's Dory Fish and Chips
It looks smaller than Jinwei's. lol~

And while they were deciding which fish to choose from they were like thinking of what is a dory fish and even wanted to ask the waitress. duhz~

Joan's Cream of Mushroom and Ice Peach Tea
I added to make my meal a set. I a bit regretted my decision, but I couldn't seem to be able to pass any soup of the day which happens to be mushroom soup.
The ice peach tea is comparable to that of Delifrance's, not bad, there's the peach taste while retaining the fresh brew of tea.
The Cream of Mushroom was a tad disappointing. It came not piping hot, not that I'd want to scald my tongue, but just that although it wasn't cold, it just don't taste that freshly cooked as I'd expect.

Joan ordered a something grilled fish and flaming prawns. When I read flaming prawns I thought it would be like flaming spicy, but the waitress reassured me that it was not spicy. Wanting to eat prawns before I go deep into the Black Forest, I ordered that to satisfy myself. It turned out to be and eye popping experience.
This is what they meant as flaming. Like Flaming Lambourghini. Stupid me, I should have thought of that.

When my food came, and the waitress burned my prawns I was shocked. Then remembering that I have a mission on hand I thrusted my handphone over to the more strategically placed Jinwei to take photos. The waitress was pretty game, when she heard I wanted to take photos she paused for me to set up and also burned my prawns a few more times to get a good shot. She even obeyed Jinwei's order of smiling to the camera (that's another photo, taken after this). I give them thumbs up for their service~ It turned out later during our course of meal that quite a lot of people also ordered flaming stuff, and the fire burned a couple more times and nobody looked surprised, or even stopped to take photos. I think I'm damn suaku~

The end product

Bigger version
I eat local food cannot without sng kam; I eat western food cannot without lemon~
The fish was normal, I'd have preferred to have had fried fish.
The prawns was fabulous man. I loved that sauce over it, and the prawns were big and succulent, and easy to deshell without me using hands.
The chips were normal, like Fish and Co.
The rice was too much for me to take it, and the rice rids the taste of the fish, I don't think rice and fish goes that well together, or maybe it's only that fish the problem.

After we were done, there started to form a long queue to enter to place, the waiter hurriedly cleared out tables. We had wanted to hang about longer and chat, but when we saw the long queue behind us, we decided to well, vacate our seats and let those poor hungry fellows have something to eat. "zou lor" the we just pai pai our pi gu and left the Manhattan Fish Market.

*spot anything weird?*

As we walked towards the escalator, Jinsen and Jinwei stepped on it, I was about to step on it, some people were behind us, I went, "Oh no!"

"We haven't paid yet leh!"

Oh my God... Panic~

Jinwei and Jinsen hurried up the escalator and bumped into the people behind us, with them staring at us with a weird look in their eyes, we rushed back there.

Our table was cleared by then, and the whole seating was rearranged to accommodate the other customers, and every waiter seemed to be busy. So we just stood in the middle of the place with all the customers staring at us weirdly, remember we rushed in without queuing, and well panicked some more. In the end we told a kind manager that we haven't paid yet, and we went straight to the counter to pay up, the three of us unglamly digging out money in full view of all the amused customers.

Really, if I hadn't remembered, would we have had paid up? Don't tell me nobody noticed we'd just left like that without paying?


I've missed half and hour of Champions League match, I don't care, I don't even know who's playing who. All I cared about was that my team's out. What the bloody fucking asshole of Barcelona~ I curse them lose sia~ And I want the other London team to fall out too.

Moody Joan
Too bad got extras behind...

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