Monday, March 06, 2006

Nokia N70

I realised I can pretty much get anything I want from the people who care for me. From young, everytime I whined long enough, the parents would eventually relent, I knew that, coupled with promises that I'd always break, like being the good girl, finishing my homework early, I could get anything I wanted, as long as it was pretty reasonable. Some really useless stuff I got out of these tactics include an ice cream maker which I only used once, some ugly supposedly would talk and cry doll which I never really liked playing with. Some might say I am spoilt, but I know fully well that these things are within reach. I'd never ask for something outside my reach.

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As far as everybody knows, I'm extremely satisfied with my handphone I bought 21 months ago. A Nokia 6230.
Before that I was carrying a Nokia 3200. It was a few months old phone but the value was dropping rapidly, and the phone wasn't that functionable. When my plan expired, and with my whole family getting new phones since everyone's plans expired, I got mine upgraded to the 6230. It was the best Nokia phone out at that time, and I totally digged it. It had everything I wanted and needed. Bluetooth, mp3 player, camera, video, radio.

Check this out for the full features.
The only regret I have with this phone was that I bought it earlier than the upgrading of the phone into the 6230i version.

But anyway, I still loved my phone. I bought fake covers which looked totally ugly to decorate it, before I reverted it back to it's original dignity. I bought handphone straps to accessorise it. I even bought a $88 cable to do PC suite and the uploading and downloading of files, namely photos and songs. Then came the biggest thing I bought for it. A 512mb memory card. I use my phone as a camera, an mp3 player, an alarm clock, and almost anything I needed. Especially with the 512mb memory card. I also pinned up ringtones to fit my mood. That phone is totally my phone.

Then as the 21 months came nearing, I hadn't really had any intention of changing my phone, but my sister wanted a 3G phone, and Singtel had this promotion of which the second 3G phone you buy would get you a $200 discount, which makes the phones cheaper by $100 each. My sister persuaded me to get the same phone as she wanted. The Nokia N70. Reviewing all the bulky 3G phones, this was the only one which appealled to me. 2megapix camera, bluetooth, mp3, and most importantly, it was a Nokia candy bar phone. All my previous handphones were all Nokia candy bar phones, 6110, 8310, 3200, 6230, and now the N70. I'm a lazy girl, so it's a nono for me to get clamshells or slides.

Since I gave my word to my sister that I'd be getting that phone, I thought I was going to buy that phone. My birthday was over, the angpaus I collected was enough to my me two of those phones, so I thought, I really thought that I was going to buy the phone.

Then it turned out that the day my sister went to buy the phone, she went with my parents, and I guess my dad succumbed into the pleasures of having a new handphone which was touted to be so good. He bought the phone, and my sister's phone, and he bought another new Samsung non 3G phone but with camera and video functions for my mother. When he came back, he said perhaps I can get a new phone when I got back from Germany.

I guess I was pretty disappointed. I was quite looking forward to getting a new phone upon getting psyched up by my sister, but I understand. I am perfectly happy with my old phone, i can do so much with it, so I didn't questioned my dad. I don't think I even appeared to be very much interested in the new phones since I had other things on my mind, including an impending tuition.

That night, I did whine to my sister a bit. I asked her, I thought we were the ones getting new phones. She said actually my dad was planning to let me have the phone if I asked for it, but I didn't. After a little exchange, I didn't know what to do. My dad could use a new phone, and after all that he had spent on me for my birthday party, and my birthday gifts, not to mention my horrid display of spoiltness over the birthday diamond issue.

My mother was planning to get me a diamond for my 21st birthday, I told her I wanted a solitaire, but in the end she picked a necklace out for me without my approval. I was very disappointed. The necklace was 40% above budget, but I felt it was not me, it was so dainty and sweet, and I voiced my displeasure. I even asked if we could get it changed. In the end, we went back to the shop and instead of changing it, we bought another piece, a solitaire at 30% above budget. It's like them spending more than double on my present. I really felt bad.

So, my point over here is that, I really didn't want the parents to fork out any more on me even though I'm disappointed.

But after my tuition that day, my dad came over and asked if I wanted the phone. I guess my sister went off and rattled to my dad. I was a bit reluctant, but I guess I was a bit vain and did wanted a new phone when everybody had one. In the end, my dad when down to the shop the next day and got another one. Since it was the third one we bought, we still had $100 off for that phone, so it was quite worthwhile.

My new baby~
front view

back view

a view of the camera

In the background is an old sock, one of my Esprit towel socks. I brought my phone out the other day but was pretty freaked about throwing my phone into my bag and getting it squashed, so I pulled out a random old sock to protect it. I never had any handphone pouch ever since I bought my 8310, and I only used that for like a couple of weeks before I got lazy, so this is really an effort for me to preserve the love I know my parents shower onto me. But I still love my 6230 too.

A little advertorial here. I badly want to sell away my 512mb memory card to get a new memory card for my new phone since it's incompatible. It's a 512mb reduced sized multimedia card from Kingston and is 3.3v. I got it last May before I flew over to Germany and it has neverbeen removed from my phone since I first put it in, so no scratches no nothing. I'm fine with the price, just nothing too rock bottom. I'll remove all my materials inside, unless you want pictures of me (yea, right).

I'm planning to buy a bluetooth port for my laptop so I can sell away my Nokia cable too. Definitely not that the retail price, anything about the price of a bluetooth port would be enticing.

I don't think I'd be selling away my 6230 anytime soon, unless i get really good offers. I still would like to keep the memory intact and I have yet transferred my contacts over to my new phone, but I might hurry have and do it if the offer is great, and I'm also willing to put down my past, and leave all those messages from my phones and all those memories those messages can bring me, if the price is good. Ya, and another thing, I have FIFA2004 inside my 6230, if that's anything enticing for you.

I still have the box set, charger, earphones, and a 32mb memory card all in the box. If anyone wants the whole package, with the cable, and the 512mb card, I'm perfectly negotiable. Actually I think my phone's in a pretty good condition. I don't think I've ever dropped it. It doesn't hang on me, I think it only auto shutdown like once in two months but it'd auto on again so it's nothing big.

Similiarly, if anyone has a 512mb dual voltage RS-MMC, or MMCMobile card to sell, can email me. I'm looking for something almost brand new. Or if you have a brand new bluetooth port you bought but not used, still in package, I'm also negotiable. Oh yar, and I don't mind if I get more than one offer since the father and the sister want to get those add ons too.

Actually, that day I was sitting down and exploring my N70. I realised that there was this one thing that lacks from my phone that might make it a perfect phone. Wifi. If any handphone can pack in wifi too, I guess that would be totally perfect. But of course, it has to be from Nokia, a candy bar phone, has all those functions I have in my 6230 and my N70. I have wireless at home, and there is wireless like in school and everywhere, with wifi phone I can be always online. GPRS is expensive and damn slow for my liking, and I don't think I'd get a PDA because it looks pretty useless (why would I need an organiser when I won't use it and I'm totally disorganised that nothing is going to help me, why bother?).

I realised I ranted on and on so much about the phone but I missed reviewing the phones functions and usebility. Well, I have not been taking photos or downloading songs into it yet, although I did take some pictures and transferred one song to be used as my ringtone. The phone is pretty slow since it works using that new interface. Messaging and calling, no problems. Photo and song quality, no problem. Quite a standard Nokia phone to use, but I'm not used with the new keys the "C" button especially since I always tend to press the top right hand button instead. And I have yet figured how to put a wallpaper on my face, any tips people?

But in all, that phone packs a lot in a small package. My Canon will be getting pbsolete pretty soon if I were to going to rely on my handphone as camera. wahaha~


Anonymous said...

it seems u're one hella lucky rich spoilt gal whose parents have all the riches in the world to spoil u on all these luxurious excesses which u probably wldnt even need in the first place. spare some thoughts for the less fortunate in future if u ever wish to get any more of such spendthrift items in life...

Anonymous said...

and no, whining and acting cute here wldnt win u any additional votes. so too bad.