Monday, March 13, 2006



I went that place to eat after visiting the longest sausage.

But I'm feeling pretty tired of blogging now... bah~ I shall put up some pictures, and if I feel good, I might talk about it later, if not, then just admire the food. And me, nonetheless.

These are what we ate...

The bread platter, I forgot to take pictures before eating, so the bread looks eaten. hehehe~

Asparagus salad
We were suffering from asparagus withdrawal after not being able to get any of those kind in Singapore, you know, those fat white asparagus we ate in Germany. But sadly, this asparagus tasted different from what we ate over there. hmm...

Traditional pasta with asparagus and cheese
The other girls never ate this sort of pasta before. And I didn't realise until much later that I remember that I actually had eaten this kind of pasta when I was in Freiburg. It was in soup made my Najib's host. I remembered that she said that it was unique to southern Germany, so I guess that was why the others didn't had it. Then I remembered another thing about it. It's made from leftoverflour pieces. hehehe~

Chicken with mushroom sauce
This was Cindy's favourite. I loved it too~

King prawns with vegetable linguini
Surprisingly, the linguini was not bad. Prawns as prawns always are, was great.

Sausages, on top of Sauerkraut
I love sausages, have I said that before? lol~

Mash potato, I think it came with the sausages, but it looks good enough to eat on its own.

Me and Jane had it, the other girls only had sips. bah~

This angle isn't really that well taken, I can assure you that this tasted nicer that it looks in this picture, and there was more than it looks in this picture.

Apple strudel with one scoop of vanilla icecream

We ate Chinese style in a Western restaurant. We ordered all these food and shared it like how you'd eat a Chinese meal, ordering dishes and sharing everything. This is one of those I think you can call it ancient Chinese philosophy. Rather than eating your own portion, and eating a lot of the same thing, why not eat different variety of stuff and try out a lot more stuff than you can handle on your own.

I think this is what you can call as tasting varieties. Man are curious creatures, always in search for something new, and this applies to eating also. Sometimes there are some people who are very steadfast and prefer to eat a lot of the same thing. For me, I'd prefer to eat a lot of the same thing, but I get sick of the same thing after eating really a lot of it, then I'd look for something new and eat a lot of that too, until I get sick of it.

Variety is good for me only when everything is things I like.

The interior of Paulaner's also pretty interesting...
The microbrewery thingie~
A pole thingie that looks like a flatenned Christmas tree~
The most interesting thing of the interior, the toilets...
hmm... Why does the woman looks fatter than the man? Why does the man looks taller than the woman? damn... This is gender stereotyping~ bleahz...

And with the beautiful interior, the camwhore in Joan emerges again...
With Jane and Cindy, I don't have a group photo, must get from the other girls...

I couldn't resist those cute looking signboards above~

A pseudo-mood picture
I think I look pretty dao in it, it doesn't portray my beautiful eyes, and this angle makes my face quite flat, but I like the bluish tinge to the picture, although my arm looks a bit awkward. bah~

Yup~ It's nice getting to know the other girls too~ Jane, Geokwei and Xiangqin...

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Belphoebe said...

Nice pics. Your weekend seems to have been quite well spent. :)
I agree, your eyes are big and beautiful. :)