Sunday, March 12, 2006

Longest Sausage

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Anyway, after not doing anything other than typing long long parchments of writing, I shall make it up with long long parchments of photos. I shall spilt them up for easy reference and more apt titling.

The Longest Sausage
Saturday 11.3.2006 Chinatown

I met Cindy at Chinatown MRT station, she was supposed to be there with her other friends but I couldn't locate them and Cindy was late. *bish bish* Luckily I had my new handphone with 1gig of memory space inside of it 359mb of mp3 songs I'd had uploaded the night before.

The making of the long sausage was at the Chinatown square, and Cindy'd friends were there already. While walking over, we saw this sign~
We laughed at it because it was in Chinese, advertising for something German. Or maybe we were laughing because we were crazy.

Before I went over to have a look at the sausage I'd imagined the longest sausage to be the biggest sausage, you know, long and fat, sort of like a gigantic bolster. A humongous sausage which is proportionate to a normal sausage. Like a huge ham before it is sliced.

Upon reaching Chinatown square, we heard German singing. I got very excited although I couldn't make out a single word of what they were singing. Bad sign. After two years of learning, I still couldn't make out the singing of a song? After the afternoon before of watching an entire three hour long movie Der Untergang in German with German subtitles, I still couldn't make out the singing of a song? This is very bad. How am I going to live through the following three months in a German land?

The only thing that bothered me was the large number of old people in the area. But it's Chinatown, so I guess that would be normal.

The longest sausage was made for charity purposes. Proceeds from the selling of portions of the sausage would be donated wholly to charity.

So we went to take a look at the sausage.

Me was totally disappointed.

Where is my gigantic bolster of sausage? It turned out to be more like a winding rope rather than a humongous sausage. It was long, I don't know exactly how long it was, but winding around the sausage was a long long measuring tape measuring the length of the sausage.

I couldn't resist camwhoring using my new handphone camera along with my 1gig card though it only had about 641mb of space left after me putting the 90 mp3 songs inside.

Also cannot resisting taking a photo of me and the sausage. You know, like evidence that I was there, you cannot say that I wasn't there and that somebody else took the pictures instead, and I only added some of my big heads inside somewhere or another. I also made sure to capture the vast number of young chefs there (though I suspect that they are not very qualified people), and the sea of old people waiting to eat the sausages.

I is so so excited. I is so so hungry for sausage.

Then I was disappointed for the second time. I thought there was going to be like a gigantic grill to grill the longest sausage, but it turn out not be so. The longest sausage was an uncooked sausage. To grill the sausage, the master cut it up to small pieces to grill on the small grill. And that was the end of the longest sausage. sad~

But anyway, me want to eat the sausage.

The cut up sausages waiting for me to eat them... Damn... I see them so cut up after once being so long, I so damn sim tia lor.

The master cutting up our sausage.

Cindy's friends did an interview with that master for their German project. So fun~ I also want to interview somebody, but everyone involved with my project theme are all dead. damn... Why did we choose to do Goebbels arh, Cindy?

All the different sauces for the sausage


I don't know is it that the town I was in was different, but I never had the chance to eat Sauerkraut when I was in Freiburg, Germany. Anyway, I don't like it so it didn't make much of a difference. hehehe~

We bought two portions of sausages.
I almost forgot to take pictures of it because I was so excited to eat up the sausages. See my piece dipped into the mustard? I love it~ I like any kind of sausages, but this was nice~

The longest sausage thingie was part of the Discover Germany thingie, so they sponsored this for the longest sausage...
Tissue paper~ diaoz...

With that, i wiped my mouth of the black red gold of Germany and left reeling from wanting more sausages.

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