Saturday, March 11, 2006

1GB MMCMobile

I've got some good news partly related to my blogging. But before I share the good news, maybe you'd like to visit here, to vote for me. I'll promise that my next couple of blog entries, with my this piece of good news will be solid sia... wahaha~

Remember this post which I said I wanted to buy a 512mb memory card to replace my old one for my new phone? Well, I've got myself a pretty great deal.


This is like double better!!!

The father went down to Suntec City's IT fair this evening with the mother and the sister, and well, he bought that for himself, my sister and me. Before tongues start wagging about whatever whatever, I must state clearly that the memory card was bought at half price. Great deal. It's so worth it that I think I'll make a trip down to Suntec City this weekend myself to get a 1gb compact flash card for my camera. yea... The father got one of those for his camera and didn't get any for me. hehehe...

I suddenly realised that now my phone's got more than the power of a boring mp3 player and a boring camera, it's both! and more!!! It's everything except my computer packed in one small candy bar.

And the funny part about my phone, was that I tried video calling this evening with my sister. I forgot that I was on the bus when I picked up her video call. It turned out pretty bad since I didn't dare talk very loudly, in the end I started gesturing and making actions to better convey my words across. It was damn funny. And the funnier thing, the sister tried posing in front of the camera. Gross.

I'm starting to love my phone more and more~

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