Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There Is Something Wrong

... with my blog...

The words by the side have turned brown. How did that happened?
(ed: i realised it much much later, i forgot to close a tag)

And there's some little bit of problem with my youtube, but that has been fixed already (at least I think it has been fixed already).

Bah~ Sometimes I wish I were a little more apt in the technical stuff. I just got my DVD rom changed because I couldn't fixed mine when it spoilt. I too got my laptop adaptor changed the last time after it spoilt, didn't even try to fix it or anything.

I think it's high time for me to change a blogskin.

To date, all my photoshopping was done either to
1. Remove spots on my face, small spots which I can clone and brush over.
2. Make my teeth look a bit bigger, same thing clone and brush. But I never do any photoshopping on pictures of which I've put make up, my conceallor does that job. I don't put on two layers of conceallor for nothing.
3. Animation. It's stupid pictures of several photos of me like a slideshow. It's totally dumb.

I don't even know how to add text to pictures.
I don't even know how to copy a part of a picture and put it onto another part of the picture.
I don't even know how to blur strokes to make the picture looks more natural.


Like before I reach the Blackforest or something.

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