Thursday, April 06, 2006

Das Wunder Von Bern

It was just a feel good movie, so I hadn't wanted to blog about it, but after thinking for a moment, there are a couple of issues I want to bring up, so here I am typing on this laptop.

Heute habe ich noch einen Deutschen Film angesehen. Das ist ein Film über Familie, über Fußball, über solidärs kommen zur Hause zurück. Ich liebe Fußball, natürlich sehe ich gern disen Film an. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go google Miracle of Bern, I'm sure what you've googled will explain. I'm not linking anything up nor am I do anything fanciful to my entry today, I'm just so so tired today that I just want to let my fingers type.

The one thing that struck me most what this character Adi. He was first shown talking to the coach, showing him a pair of shoes, very light, lighter than the football boots they were using previously, but he flipped the shoe over and used a pair of pliers to unscrew the studs and showed the coach a selection of studs of different lengths. Then someone called him Dassler. I shouted out adidas almost immediately despite me being in the library.

If you don't know, I'm a huge fan of adidas, and that's still an understatement. I'm such a big fan of adidas that I'm anal to type adidas in small case because the A in adidas is supposed to be a small a. I was also the only one who spotted the pair of adidas shoes on the "Typisch Deutsch" in the worksheet we did for tutorial on Monday.

I know who Adi Dassler is. He is the founder of adidas. adidas itself comes from Adi and Das of Dassler. I also know Adi's real name is Adolf, but he's know as Adi to everyone.

Some say that Germany was able to win the 1954 World Cup is because of the adidas boots, they were fitted in such a way which the studs can be short when playing in sunny weather and long with a much better grip on the field when it's raining. This advantage for wet weather playing is something other teams don't have. Cut to the scene of which the coach was interviewed. He said that Germany would win if it rained. erm... I don't think I need to give any spoiler warning because everyone just knows that Germany won the World Cup.

Another little bit I like was the Annette becoming to be a football fan after accompanying her husband to the World Cup matches. Her first comment about football was that it is a game of "24 people kicking one ball". If you don't know the irony of this statement, you are worse than her in the beginning sia.

A gem of a quote from her
Annette: Which side would you take when reporting the match between Turkey and Hungary?
Ackermann: Neither. We reporters have to be neutral.
Annette: Then the match between Germany and Turkey?
Ackermann: Germany of course.
Annette: Then you are not being very neutral, are you?
(If there are details wrong, pardon me, my memory isn't really that good)
Reminds me of one thing, Deutschland über alles.
I like her character. She kept faith in the German team all the way.

It's not just the football that struck me, but also the part about Mattes's father Richard. He was a PoW. It's not easy for a PoW to get back into reality all over again, not only that he was unable to get compensation from the goverment because he once stole some brown sugar because he was dying. Life is already that hard.

Another gem of a quote from Mattes's mother regarding Richard
Christa: How did you feel when you found out your rabbits were killed?
Mattes: I felt very bad. I didn't like it.
Christa: Imagine going through that feeling every day. That was how your father felt every day for twelve years. It's not that easy for him. So you have to try to understand him.

I always believe he who see death will fear it. I always have these grand ideas of going to war for a cause for an ideal, but really if I ever be in the war and see people dying by me, I don't need many people, just one death I think is enough to make me a selfish person, to run away from everything and just want to live. Then again, some people might argue, if I fear death why am I suicidal. The Hours, Virginia Woolf made it clear with her quote "Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. It's contrast." Someone asked her why one of her characters in her book had to die. She said the above line. It seemed that she knew that life was precious but she still chose her death, why? It's the same thing with me.

Hai... I shouldn't be this moody tonight, especially when talking about football.

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thoxification said...

hey Joan! dropping by to say hi! hee i understood wat u wrote in Deutsch! looks like my reading skills is not all gone haha..

anw the origin of adidas is interesting! but why is the 'a' never in CAPS?