Saturday, April 08, 2006


I did something really stupid today. Just about an hour ago.

I was sitting on the couch, watching the tv, just relaxing. Then I spotted a pair of sissors beside me on the couch. Yesterday I was just using that pair of sissors to trim my cracked nail. I wanted to trim off just the cracked part instead of cutting of the whole nail, so I picked up my craft sissors to cut my nail.

Sitting on the couch with nothing to fill my hands since I was watching the tv, I decided to play with the sissors. Maybe cut my toe nails or something. They are growing a bit long and sometimes I can feel them hindering my foot when I wear some pairs of shoes. SO I picked up that sissors and started trimming my toe nails. It wasn't as easy as I thought. Toe nails, even the small toes, were still very thick, so it took me quite a bit of strength to manage to successfully cut of a nail.

Still finding that I'm damn bored, I continued cutting some other toes. I didn't cute all my toe nails, only the second third and fourth one for both feet, the big toe nail was immpossibly thick and the baby toe nail was also thicker than the other toe nails, not only that, the toe was smaller and I didn't think my toe was able to sustain the pressure of me cutting the nail. I didn't want to break my toe or anything just as dangerous. Using a pair of sissors was already dangerous enough.

Just as I was cutting off the third toe of my right leg, I used my left hand to support my feet as I propped it up. My pair of sissors cut deep into my finger. Verdammt! I gave a loud shout, somewhere petween a loud groan and a moan. Then suddenly, I didn't know why, tears started streaming down my face.

It's been a long time since I actually cried because of pain. As I've aged, my threshold for pain seemed to have increased exponentially too. But just at the moment, maybe due to shock, and the deepness of the cut, I just started crying. At first I didn't realise that the cut was very bad. I always have paper cuts and what nots, so I was pretty surprised I started crying. Later as I was crying, my mother came out to look at me as she heard me shouted. Then my finger started bleeding pretty badly. There were two cuts, each from each blade of the sissors, very deep.

As I sat there and just cried, my mother went to get the cream for cuts and a plaster. It seemed like ten years ago all over again. Wait, make that fifteen years ago, I keep forgetting that I'm not young anymore.

Hai... Always listen to what the parents say, "Don't play with sissors." Not even when you think you are old, you still need to remember not to play with sissors!!!

And the most most most ironic thing of all? I never cut my own nails. I always visit a manicurist. I don't even own a pair of nailclipper. Yea... this explains why I was using the sissors and not a nailclipper. hai... Lesson number two: Always let the expert do their stuff. Don't try and be a smart Aleck.

And the ugliest thing of all? The chipped nail is on the same finger as I cut myself. hai... Now I've a totally ugly and cannot make it left index finger.

I also don't know what I'm going to explaint to my manicurist when she sees my finger. "Aiyo... Why your fingernail like that one?" The chip nail is very ugly. This is not including my chipped nail polish. I've taken to scrapping off my nail polish everytime I'm bored when watching tv. Much of my nail polish is scrapped off, but a little bit is still there. It's like also damn ugly too.

hai... With me needing a visit to the manicure before I fly, and also needing a hair cut. And me just bought a cold wear lined jacket and a new pair of spectacles. I is broke even before heading out 10 000 miles.


Fatboi Slim said...

I don't mean to be a spelling Nazi, but it's spelt scissors, not sissors. And I don't have a nailclipper either, I use scissors all the time. =)

xxoos said...

i cant believe it. i'm 21 and an aspiring writer yet i dont know how to spell scissors.

yea... it wasn't a typo, it's really that i dont know how to spell it. well, i know now, but am too lazy to edit an entire post.