Monday, April 17, 2006

Last Night in Singapore

I'll be leaving tonight. In about 11 hours time. Scary~

This is a video I took last night, this morning, still packing. Actually I haven't even packed finished yet, so I think I'm quite screwed. But that's not the most screwed part, the most screwed is that my bloody ankle took a turn for the worse. It's aching like siao now. hai~

I think in Germany I'll be doing lots videos. I remember when I was a kid I always thought a voice recorder was cool. I can use it like a diary and record all my thoughts via my voice into tapes and listen to them some time later. But all I had at that time were only my books of diaries. Then as I grew older and got a voice recorder, I never taped my own voice because I felt weird and all the blank tapes I bought ended up used to taping songs on the radio. It also wasn't convenient to lug around the tape recorder. And I didn't feel that much at ease talking to the recorder.

After trying out video blogging and slowly getting used to it, I find myself quite at ease with my voice. Hopefully as I do more videos I can be more natural.

This one was taken in bed. Forgive my ugliness, how good can you look like when you are sleep deprived and lyin in the bed but not sleeping. And there's a torch shining on you. lol~

1 comment:

cindy said...

haa. thanks for wishing me good luck..

erm, i wld nv think of bringing a saucepan there but i think its a pretty gd idea cos wad if we dun really like to use the pans or pots there.. haha..

erm, but ur luggage seem pretty bulky.. are u able to pull it all the way to frankfurt yet?

feel excited for u ahh.. u lucky girl.. have fun there! :)