Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Birthday Presents

This is like two months belated but I've been wanting to put them as ever since the day of my birthday party. I even took those pictures the night after much to the charigin of the mother who insisted me on clearing up the floor before I slept, needless to say I didn't and suffered the whole of the day after to her naggings.


Once again thanks to everyone involved, and my parents too. And paiseh, Cindy (Teo), your that present was late so I didn't take pictures of it, and I think it's better to have one whole entire entry by itself some time later when I get back home. lol~ Just thinking of that xxoos bear makes me feel like laughing out loud sia... lol~

yea... This was what I did when I've nothing to do. I've done more. Will show you guys as time goes on~

1 comment:

cindy said...

ok, i saw the back part of the earrings came out already when u took the fotos. :(