Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weekend and Classes

I still don't like the idea of not having my own internet connection. I can't open lots of windows at the same time uploading photos and videos to put on my blog to share with others. I took a whole lot of photos and videos but until I get a decent connection, I'll just be typing my updates.

I'm now sitting on the Rathaus Platz with my laptop on my lap and going hungry. I need to buy food later, but internet is more important. And there's nobody online at this moment, which is very weird, but I guess it's the exams ba...

Let me first talk about my weekend. I met this Taiwanese girl at the B├╝geramt and we've been going out quite a bit. Suddenly I'm thankful that I speak good Chinese. I went shopping on Saturday, bout pillows and socks and towels. Pillows to alleviate my neckache, socks to keep my toes warm and snug and the socks are damn cute. Will post pictures up as soon as possible. And the towels to dry the floor.

Then on Sunday I went to the lake again. Did I mention that my dorm is near this lake, very ig lake, very nice. I went once with a housemate of mine, Karolina, a very interesting Polish girl, but on Sunday I just went about there to soak in the sun with the Taiwanese girl. Pity she like almost all Taiwanese girls you see on TV are afraid of the sun. Oh well...

Also in the weekend I found this very wonderful thing hidden in my external hard disk drive. When I first came over and was so damn bored, I remembered that dearest Jinwei before leaving gave me a collection of burned movies, so I tried to watch them. But I forgot that my comp crashed and my whole c and d drive was replaced. I lost the codec for watching downloads in my windows media player. I can't watch the two series I had in my external disk drive too. So I was bored.

Then last weekend as I was fiddling with my external disk drive, I found a godsend hidden deep within my disk drive. It's called a BS Player. It efectively allows me to watch all those I couldn't watch on my windows media player without the codec. Thanks Deborah man~ I was copying Gokusen from her last year when I copied the whole folder over including the BS Player, so now I'm not bored anymore. I've watch Full Metal Alchemist the Movie (from my dearest Jinwei no less), I think tonight I shall watch Advent Children which Andrew have been harping on but I haven't watched because my CD-ROM drive crashed and my comp crashed and well, all those crashing stuff. Then I still have all those movies from Jinwei... Rent, Mirrormask, Tristan and Isodole. Believe it or not, I had wanted to watch this movie before I left for Germany but my leg died on me rendering me unable to watch it, but Jinwei actually burned that for me even though I never mentioned anywhere that I wanted to watch it.

Things are really starting to get better.

Now on to my classes. I was talking to the professor here and deciding what classes to do when he signed me up on a proseminar titled Victorian Great Britain because the professor teaching that module speaks excellent English. Then I went for another Vorlesung, Globalisation, Mentality and Politics of Sport. It's just the kind of Sport and History Module I wanted to take, but NUS don't offer. One whole lecture will be devoted to the analysing of the 1954 World Cup on German Nationalism. This is way cool~ And better still is that the prof allowed me to write my paper in English. Really, I've never been so grateful that I speak native English. I'm not saying that I speak perfect English, but at least English is my mother tongue and I speak English naturally.

I hope for my other classes I can do my paper in English too~
*cross fingers*

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cindy said...

hey.. singapore also got sport and history mah.. just that mayb not as gd as germany's. hee. anyway, my HY2247 paper was yesterday and i did a qn on german nationalism.. it's not totally abt german nationalism but the qn wants us to show a link between identity, sports and one point which I forgot.. anyway, i wrote sth on nationalism.. and you know wat? i successfully spot a qn! was so lucky!! :)

Your days sounds fun leh!! :)