Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Little Short Update

I've settled most of my stuff now. What's lagging is the enrolling into classes. I spoke with a prof and he helped me apply for a proseminar which is a more intensive class and it's titled History of Great Britain in the Victorian Age. Well, he chose that for me because the prof doing that module speaks excellent English and I can do my exams and papers in English. Am I supposed to be happy? I don't know.

There are lots of interesting German history modules which I can't do because I won't be able to understand it. Sad to say...

Mapping my modules will be a big mess. I don't know what Prof. Turner will say, only that I am saying I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Photos will be up once I get my internet connection, along with videos. I did lots of video blogging although I think most of it I'll keep for my own reference. I also did lots of photoshopping and I think I'll be doing more photoshopping this weekend since I've nothing else to do.

I've also finally eaten my wurst and Portofino Eis. I ate green apple flavour today~ It's like green apple milkshake so soft and milky and creamy and nice. I'll try all the Portofino flavours in my stay here.

And also, thanks to all who dropped notes of concern. Really grateful for you guys being there for me even with only your words. Can keep the comments coming in? And give me updates on what's happening back at home~ Thanks~ Jane, can also comment here, but give me some face hor... lol~



JE said...

hey joan... be strong yar... you can de :) everything will be fine soon.. in case u have no idea who i am, ich bin jia en :D

Anonymous said...

hey babe... hope things are settling better over there for you. have fun and enjoy yourself (after u've settled all the admin stuff which i hope wont be of too much trouble) :)