Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Titanic: Jack's Back

Usually you don't many links in this blog, but I really love this video. To all those who don't know, I'm a closet DiCaprio fan. It's not because of Titanic though, I did like him in Romeo and Juliet, but didn't really become a closet fan until much later, Catch Me If You Can and the other recent one which I've watched, can't remember the title now. damn...

[wait I go IMDb look it up then i update you what movie it was]
(it's Gangs of New York)


Cindy said...

haha its a spoof la.. i also tot its a new movie, but its a cut and paste of the past movies he did.. so lame rite.. damn the producer... made me itching for his shows..

cindy said...

hey.. your frend above havent comment when i saw this clip k.. so its still your fault! nehhh..