Saturday, April 01, 2006


Remember I said in some previous entry thst I'd be watching Stalingrad this weekend? Well, I decided to watch it last night after suffering a serious case of insomnia. And I forgot that well, it's April's Fool, and I was readlly done it. Damn! Can't I choose a better time to get lucky?

Okay, the story goes that I was suffering from a really unbearable case of insomnia that even hanging out online was boring me, so I walked to the living room, then into my sister's room, coming back into my room, then went to the kitchen to see if there's anything I can use to cook with, but no, so I went back to my room then decided that hey, I can just watch Stalingrad since I really have nothing better to do.

Only after popping the disc into the DVD player that I realised the reason my Stalingrad DVD cost so little. It was a fake one.

!@#$%^&*()HMV! Cheat my money!

It's not fake as in a pirated copy but it was not an original copy, it was dubbed. One thing I'm damn anal about when watching films is the dubbing. I absolutely cannot tolerate dubbing. Because of this, when I buy Hong Kong films, I'd always get them in Cantonese if not I won't buy it. Similarly, I hate going to the cinema to watch Hong Kong films. Stupid Stalingrad play such a mean April's Fool's joke on me.

I don't know if I'd ever try and watch that film again, I'll see how in the future. I'm like so disappointed now.

Anyway, that I was so absolutely disgusted with Stalingrad, I stopped watching it and went back into my boring state. I wandered about my small house for a long time whiling my time away as my insomnia slowly wore off, but it didn't. In the end I did another pretty dumb thing.

I watched Der Untergang instead. I've watched it twice before, in the cinema and in der bibliothek, so watching it a third time could effectively bore me into sleeping. But after opening the case I found that was a special DVD includes the making of, interviews and trailers. Finding that interesting, I watched that instead. I watched finished the making of just about the same time as I dozed off.

Good. I managed to get some sleep, at the wee hours of 7am.

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