Friday, April 14, 2006

What Sign Should I Date?

You Should Be With a Fire Sign!

Your best match is an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius

Why? You like your guys manly - and in control
Not to mean controlling, but you do like the guy to take the lead
A Fire Sign man will take you by the hand? and show you the world
Just make sure you're bold too - because this guy likes a challenge!

I'm a water, and I should date a fire? Am I to put out the fire, or is the fire supposed to boil me?

That aside, I think it's pretty accurate. I like manly guys, I like men, not boys not guys but men. I like to be led, I'm the typical xiaonuren, I like a dananren to lead me, I can tolerate him even controlling me.

Aries, Leo, Saggi? Actually I prefer the darker Scorpio men. Full of hiden secrets and emotions behind, the intense men of power and mystery.

But of course, sometimes these kind of things not that accurate one. The last few guys I've like are well not exactly the my kind of guy. Dream guys are only for dreams, in reality there's a different kind of guy that I'd end up with. Maybe this is one reason I never can feel satisfied with anyone person. Maybe to counter that I need time. Hopefully time can be on my side.

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Cindy Teo said...

oh ya btw.. i think the photos u haf at the side are so much better now.. its nicer that they keep changing than to show them asa film strip.. more exciting.. nice choice..