Thursday, June 01, 2006


24 Weird Facts About Me

1. When I'm bored I don't want to do anything and end up doing stupid things like this meme.

2. I stopped cutting my nails since primary 3 and after that I'd only cut my nails when I'm depressed, I stopped cutting my nails totally after my A levels, hence I became clinically depressed because I've lost an outlet. Now I go for very infrequent manicures.

3. I only do express manicures because my fingers would bleed from a full manicure because I don't have much cuticles.

4. The last time I tried to cut my nails myself I ended up with a bleeding finger from cutting myself.

5. I hate tying my hair up.

6. I enjoy eating the skin of my lips after peeling them out.

7. I like sucking my nail in my mouth like a sweet after my nail breaks.

8. I like to scrape nail polish off my nails with my fingernails, especially when I'm watching TV.

9. I sign out to watch youtube so that under my statistics I would appear to have watched less videos that I actually have watched, much much much less.

10. I once stopped talking to my dad for a couple of months for some stupid reason that I can't even remember.

11. I once was crazy over this one single hit teen idol by the name of Yuki Masayama. I can't even recall what was that hit song now.

12. I once lost 8kg in a month and continued losing up to a total of 20kg in about five months that my teachers all asked me what happened. But that wasn't a concern for worry for my parents who knew that I had gained that 25kg over a period of three years. I never looked fat because I knew how to dress myself up to hide the flaws. Anyway, I've gained back the 8kg over my two stints in Germany.

13. The position of my room back at home was towards a wall of sloping grass patch facing towards northeast. It's windy and good for sleeping in the day, I hardly get any sun at all, and because a a ledge above, rain doesn't get in and I don't need to close the windows when it rains.

14. I hardly sleep with air conditioning. When I do so, I usually got to my sister's room and share the air con with her to cut costs.

15. I was from Nan Hua Primary before I transferred to Tao Nan School.

16. I don't take spicy food. I think I'm like one of the last Singaporeans not to be able to take spicy food.

17. I've been using Prickly Heat powder for my armpits ever since JC2, before that I used Nivea dedorant. It's like moving back in time and settling for something outdated, but I think Prickly Heat is good, it makes me feel natural without bad odour, very subtle.

18. I need to drink cold drinks with a straw because I have sensitive teeth.

19. My face is not symmetrical. One eye is higher than the other and one ear is more forward than the other. But you can't tell this from looking at me, it's only apparent when I get spectacles fitted, and when I do so, it usually takes more than half a day and the pair of glasses would end up looking totally out of shape so that it can fit my face.

20. I have been making the same wish for my birthday for the past 11 years and never has it come true.

21. If I had did badly for my A levels and not able to get into NUS, I would have gone to Australia Monash to do theatre and drama.

22. When I did not get into VJ after my first three months there, and hence not being able to get to do TSD, I wanted to go LaSalle, but the above promise made me decide to settle for my second choice JC.

23. I'm trying to do a AMV now, but it looks no different from my normal animated gifs, just that it has sound. damn...

24. If I start to speak perfect English or perfect Chinese it means that I'm worked up over something. I don't know why but when I debate or argue or get into a discussion, sentence structures and grammar rules would inately come to me, but when I'm in a leisure state of mine, it disappears, and I can speak the worst sort of English and/or Chinese one hears.

I'll go have dinner now, and maybe later get something contructive done. I've wasted so much of my time fretting over useless stuff already.

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