Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back from Baden-Baden

I've just completed my entries on my Straßburg trip and finished editing like a truckload of photos, I went on another trip and got back with another truckload of photos. dang~

This trip I must really thank Carol's landlady who drove us down to Baden-Baden too as she was going there to meet her daughter.

What's up about Baden-Baden?
- Interesting note about Baden-Baden, the railway tracks through that region is walled up.
- Another interesting note about Baden-Baden, you get to meet lots of rich people there.
- Third interesting note, there's a casino.
- Fourth interesting note, there are hot springs and a very expensive but well known spa.
- Fifth interesting note, there's a private boarding school there, where Carol's landlady's daughter attends.

Need I say any more?

Chronologically, I shall explain what happened, photos and details of the trips later, now is just my random ramblings.

I went to Carol's place, there was a weighing machine in the bathroom, I thought of Gabriel, resisted being one of Gabriel's stereotypical girls, but realised that I'm already one of his stereotypes, and proceeded to weigh myself. I've gained 3kg since the last time I weighed myself. It wasn't very long since I last weighed myself. It was on the week before I left for Germany, I sprained my ankle, went to the University Health and Wellness Centre, Dr Wong asked me to weigh myself. In liike three weeks, I gained 3kg. And remember my story about me popping my jeans' buttons? oh man~

I'm like freaking hungry now, but I thought of what I've eaten today at Baden-Baden, I decided that I shall sleep early and not think about food. wahaha~

I met Carol's landlady. She's nothing I thought she would be. She's young and fun and quite a nice person, and very fun loving too. And I think she must be rich. If not very rich, at least a bit. Remember her daughter's studying at a private school in Baden-Baden. It takes a rich person to enrol his/her kid into a private boarding school, and it takes another to enrol his/her kid into a private boarding school in Baden-Baden. The kid is cute too. Okay, she's 16, more than a kid, takes after her mother a lot, they look more like sisters rather than mother and daughter. And they don't seem to be like rich people. nice~

The road to Baden-Baden. I said Carol's landlady drove, right? More precisely, she drove on A5. Go Wiki it and you'll understand what I mean. For the first time, I sat in a car going at 170km/h. Her average fast speed towards Baden-Baden was actually 160km/h, but 170 was the fastest she went. The way back her fast speed was about 140-150km/h. Even at 150km/h, she had to go over to theslower lane and let a Porsche zoom past her. omg~ How I wish I was in the Porsche sia... Imagine at 150km/h and that car can still zooooooooooooooom past you. Even the ICE can just gooooooooo past her, the Porsche zoooooooooooooomed pasted. Physically, at suched a high speed, my sensitive ears actually tighten, and got a bit blocked, the kind of feeling when you take a high speed elevator through like 30 floors. It was an experience~

More about the city of Baden-Baden once I'm not so tired. And once I get the photos done.

I'm thinking what else I want to talk about. Like there's nothing much to talk about also. My brain's so dead. Oh yea... In Baden-Baden there are A LOT of nice cars. bah~ I think I'll leave Baden-Baden here. Watch this space for more stuff about Baden-Baden.

An Update:
I succumbed to hunger. I ate 3 pieces of my expensive Alsace cookies which I didn't bear to eat. dang~

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