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Straßburg Trip, Alsace Wine Tour

Straßburg Trip, Alsace Wine Tour

Thomas drove us up to Alsace because it was a Sunday and public transport was not running. Because we had four people, thanks to the two Hong Kong girls, the cost was greatly reduced to 40€ for each of us. It was really well worth the money spent, with all that we saw.


Because someone complained that the images change too quickly, I switched the time for change from my usual 2 seconds to 3 seconds, so please wait a little while to see the next few pictures. I personally thought that 2 seconds was already too long, but well… hehehe~ I’ve also created a montage at the bottom if you want to see all the pictures at one go.

First, the scenery we saw on our way to the villages. I like the mountains at the back, with the blue sky and white clouds, and you can see patches of greenery from the vines, and of course, some arable land growing some other kinds of crops.
Second, another angle of the same thing except that this has cables. Cables are ugly. Singapore lucky that we are small and do not suffer from land movement and we can hide all our ugly cables underground.
Third, the roads leading in. I like the way this picture is taken, it’s like us going into the mountains, into the greenery, into the vineyards.
Fourth, people’s houses. Don’t they look so nice? A house among the green grass, a house in the middle of nowhere, a house of your own tranquillity, I like~
Fifth, the side view of the vines. I thought it looks quite interesting to see bare vines beside a row of green trees. You can see the state of the vines clearly from this angle, but what makes the vines so impressive is the next picture.
Sixth, rows and rows of vines and more vines. Actually, what the vines reminded me of was of Thailand’s rice padi fields, or maybe the Philippines, those terraces thingies, also rows and rows of greens on mountains.
Last, the official bird and mascot of Alsace is the stock. I’ve got some close of pictures of the stock, let me know if you want them. But if you train your eyes hard enough on this picture, you can see a couple of birds, one nesting. hehehe~

The montage for a second look at the pictures.
the road to alsace

First stop: Riquewihr


I used the settings of 2 seconds for this because there are 16 photos in this series altogether. And instead of using first second third later like I had done for the past couple of entries, I’ll use numerals because sixteenth is pretty cumbersome to type out.

1. Entering the little village of Riquewihr, this statue thingie and French flag greeted us.
2. The statue thingie close up.
3. The streets of Riquewihr. Actually after a while all European streets do start to look the same, but well, I think these sort of streets actually look nice in photos so I can’t stop taking photos of them. Like what someone said, girls do like to take picture incessantly. Like me taking pictures of Bahnhofs~ bah~
4. I like the signs of shops that stick out into the street. A bit like that of Hong Kong, only that in Hong Kong, signs aren’t made of metal and look this cute, but signs of brightly coloured gaudy neon. Different culture ba…
5. Windows also beautifully decorated. A sign for a free room also so pretty.
6. In France, a hotel is not a hotel. This is at the town centre, like all town centres and buildings of great importance, there’s a clock, surprise surprise.
7. Outside a souvenir shop. The shops here are still celebrating Easter, or if they aren’t celebrating, at least they still have the Easter decorations up. And that’s me of course.
8. A postcard. I’m one of those cheapskate people who take pictures of postcard, sometimes. In fact, this is the only two occasions I did it, another one not in this series of pictures. I actually bought a lot of postcards in my trip. I thought that postcards were the least expensive evidence that I was once there, so I bought them.
9. Me and postcards~
10. Another angle of another bustling street. It was due to the long weekend that there were so many people out there on trips.
11. An antique car in the middle of the street. It looks very well maintained. I’m not sure if the owner actually drives that car because that car does have a license plate.
12. Guess what this is. I found it at a corner on the ground. There’s a hole at the man’s mouth, and the thingie at the bottom looks like a drain. hmm…
13. More buildings, cute little houses.
14. An ancient map of the town. Actually I think it’s an artist’s impression.
15. A group of Belgian Harley bikers on a biking tour~ They are so cool man. Almost like an object of interest themselves. I really couldn’t resist taking a picture with them. And they were very friendly about it too!
16. A closer look at all the metal signs.

With that, we left.

Second stop: Colmar

Although Colmar is a lot bigger than Riquewihr, I’ve only picked out 12 photos for this following sequence. I didn’t take a lot of photos in Colmar because I had already been to Colmar before, last year, during the immersion trip. And I’ve taken enough pictures of Colmar because we took the tram and went around the whole of Colmar, at least everything there is that is needed to be seen in Colmar.


1. The statue of liberty in Colmar. I’ve heard about the statue being there last year, but after walking so much we still could not find it, finally I found it. According to Thomas, it’s very far away from the town. That was why I was not able to find it last year.
2. More European typical streets by the river.
3. Houses and building on opposite sides of the bridge making an interesting sight, along with the willowy trees.
4. A restaurant. Almost everything you see is not real, it’s painted onto the building, a bit like that little corner in that far away block in TJ. TJians should know what I’m talking about, others, well, go TJ one day and ask for the painted corner.
5. This picture looks very bright and nice. I like yellow. But what made me like the picture even more on hindsight is the old couple there, in red. I like red. hai… If can grow old like this I wouldn’t mind being old right now.
6. Riverview dining. I like. Sort of miss Clarke Quay, just now the girls were talking about going there to eat.
7. The roof looks weird. To be brutally honest, I think this building is ugly, but well, interesting also ba.
8. Another church. Europe has a lot a lot of big churches, and each of them seem to be the landmark in its town.
9. Another view of the church without the tall tower. I can’t take pictures of tall towers nicely, don’t know why.
10. Me and a mannequin dressed in the clothes of Alsace. Can you spot something weird at the back? It’s a signpost by Paulaner. wahaha~ So you get Paulaners in Singapore and France and not everywhere in Germany, only in München.
11. Me and a stuffed stork. That stock’s pretty big, it looks damn funny that I can’t resist taking a photo with it. lol~
12. Flowers~ I like this picture. I’ve taken lots and lots of pictures of flowers but haven’t put any up before this, because I really want to devote a whole photolog to flowers, but I just can’t resist putting this up. This picture is really pretty. I’m using it as my desktop now~

Third stop: Eguisheim


1. This was someone’s house. The owner was able to leave the door wide open because he/she has a dog. But that dog looks so cute and harmless.
2. This is a water fountain thingie that just looks pretty interesting.
3. The subject of this picture is the tree, the odd shaped tree, very interesting.
4. This is another person’s house, but this person doesn’t have a dog, but he/she still dared to leave the doors wide open. I can safely say that Europe is a safe place~ Overgeneralising, but most European small towns are pretty safe, I think.
5. A little wine shop, okay, not really little because that place looks big, but little as in quaint and in this little town.
6. I think, actually most European houses, the nice ones, look about the same. Okay the ugly ones looks the same throughout too. Ugly ones look like ugly ones and nice ones look like nice ones. duh~
7. More water fountain thingies, with taps, and with churches in the background. There’s even a statue in the middle.
8. A souvenir shop. I think all the souvenir shops all look about the same, very nicely decorated. Most likely it is to attract customers ba…
9. The map plan of the town. Quite ugly, and it doesn’t really help much since the town is so small.
10. More little quaint European houses which look no different from those in Colmar and Riquewihr and Straßburg.
11. I like this picture~ It’s hanging on a wall outside someone’s house. Very sweet. hai… If only…
12. This reminds me of The Secret Garden. I’m not sure if this link is to the one or not since there are two listed in Gutenburg, but I think it should be.
13. A church built on elevated grounds. It looks pretty majestic, but I think it’s the camera angling and not that it’s really that majestic since all churches in Europe look about the same.
14. More streets, looks not much different from Colmar, Riquewihr and Straßburg.
15. Joan in front of the church from number 13. I hadn’t realised that I could go up to the front of the elevated church.

With that, we ended our tour of the Alsace wine growing region.


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