Thursday, May 04, 2006

Of Moons and Vegetables

I always thought that it is impossible to 守得云开见月明, because I always thought that by the time you have 守得云开, it would have already been 初一. But it seems like, recently, there's a sign telling me that if I really can 守得云开, although it won't be 十五, at least it's still 初八.

So, should I 守得云开见初八的月亮?

Take an occasion when you really want to have caixin for dinner, and every day's dinner, so you make a trip down to the wet market near your house. You walk through rows and rows of vegetable stalls and don't see anyone selling caixin at all. The more stalls you see the more you want to have your caixin, but there just isn't any. Then after a few rows of butchery, you come to another section of vegetable stalls, this time you spot fresh and good kailan, but they cost $10 a kilo. Suddenly you realised that kailan has always been your favourite vegetable, so you stopped and bought five kilograms of kailan, spending $50.

Then you made your way out of the market, at the last stall before leaving the market, you see a small vegetable stall with some caixin going for $1 a kilo. The caixin isn't as fresh as the kailan you bought, but they are still edible, and going for only a dollar for a kilo.

Should I buy another five kilograms of caixin? And cook only caixin and kailan for breakfast lunch dinner since I've now ten kilograms of vegetables.

Or should I stick with my kailan? Or should I throw away my kailan and go ahead with the caixin? Or should I not buy the caixin in the first place?

Or would it be better if it were 初一 and that the last vegetable stall by the exit of the market had not existed at all? Or should I even forget about looking at 明月s and just eat my stupid five kilograms of kailan? But then again, what if my kailans go bad the next day? Say they get invaded by a swarm of worms and get rotten the next day, won't I be left with nothing anymore? No 明月s, no kailan, no caixin, then like that how?


And I'm supposed to continue with my Straßburg trip, I ended up talking about some nonsensical stuff bugging me the whole of today. I still have the Alsace tour from the Straßburg trip to blog about, and a little discussion about the region and a lot of food entries to put up, especially since I've been cooking so much and eating so much. I've put on weight. I tried on my pair of jeans, the other one, the nicer one, and I realised that although I can wear it and button it, the buttons will pop when I sit. Two buttons will pop when I sit and all four of them will pop when I squatted. I can't wear that pair of jeans anymore. I need new clothes. damn...

I think I should be eating less of everything else and just eat vegetables for breakfast lunch dinner, eat caixin and kailan. damn...

If not I can 捞明月 and 吃大饼...

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