Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back From Straßburg

***Note: Check right below for an update***

I just got back from Straßburg or as the French spell it, Strasbourg. I'm going with the German spelling because I'm in Germany now and Freiburg, Germany is what I'm calling home for now. Home is Sundgauallee 44 0109, Freiburg 79110, Germany (you can send me letters, I don't mind. It's quite weird because I never let people know where I stay back in Singapore. Even in my blog I mention maybe East Coast, or Bedok, but never tell anyone my exact location. I don't even have any photos of anything near my home, except maybe the bus post I put up last year. So if anyone wants to stalk me, this is a good time to do so.)

My phone number in Germany is +49 0162 1529454, but you guys back in Singapore can always message me at my Singapore number. Those who should know my number knows my number. Message me if you miss me, it's free~ Since it's a Singapore number to a Singapore number, you won't be charged, I won't be charged either. But of course, I won't reply you unless it's very important, replying is not cheap. Of course, if you want to contact me, emailling me is also easy as a snap of fingers. I'll reply you, if it renders me to reply. My email is at the side of the bar jal5eva@yahoo.com.sg. I know some people have my other emails, my NUS mail, my MSN account mail, my gmail, I check them all every day, so emails there will be read, but they might be late in reply.

A personal pet peeve of mine is mails to my MSN account, my MSN account mail was made solely for the purpose of MSN, and I HATE HATE HATE those mails sending to my MSN mail that says "I've took (sic) this test, take it too and you can see my results after the test". I have no wish to want to know what breed of dog you are and neither do I want to know what breed of dog I am. I still read those mails though, since there's that mail notifier that pops up everytime I sign in to MSN or when I receive a mail. Sucks.

I have mail notifier for my yahoo! mail too, that's why I reply the most immediate for my yahoo! mails, and I prefer replying to my yahoo mails. My gmail is mainly for signing up of weird stuff online and for sending and receiving of attachments. Luckily it's still not spammed, so I still use it some times. Most of my online newsletters are in my gmail too, I've Chelsea and Body Shop newsletters that some in most regularly and Esplanade too, almost forgot that. My NUS mail is for NUS matters or group projects and NUS spam. I hate NUS spam. The opening and closing times of the SRC swimming pool is not of my concern because I have my own private pool, something that I always overlook though. And I also have no wish to know of anything to do with business ventures and summer programmes overseas to Korea or some uluated part of China.

There's so much more I can go on once I've started but I really need to get back to the topic today. *scrolls up to see what I've entered as my title* Back From Straßburg. I went for a three day two night homestay there. Actually it was planned to be three days two nights, but instead of leaving in the evening, me and my friend decided to leave at midday because we had nothing else to do. There was only so much to sightsee there and shops were closed because it was May Day.

I drew up a list of what I can blog about, or what I will be blogging about but I just can't seem to bring myself to start from don't know where. Okay, I know where I can start if it was just left to my hands, but with nearing three hundred photos in my camera and a lot more in my handphone, yea... I don't know where to start. I need to do photoshopping too, create montages and my trademark animated gifs and stuff. And I haven't even uploaded the photos yet. I'm so slow.

My this trip is quite cheap I think. 20€ for a night with breakfast, so two nights is 40€, the wine tour of three little villages was 40€, that I will explain more later in another post, and another 25€ for a French dinner made by my host. But but but, I is Joan. Joan who does not spend more than she needs is not called Joan. I bought clothes in France, what else can one buy in France. I bought one dress, one shorts, one tee. One bag of biscuits which costs like 15€. Lots of postcards. I must say luckily the shops were closed if not I might become broke lor.

More of my trip much later once I get those pictures uploaded and resized and montage made. Hopefully it'd be soon.

Also I want to blog about is the chats I had with some friends after I came back. I think it's quite apt that when I just got back I had nice chats with some some friends, individually of course. I can't blog about it, which is quite sad, but hai... I've been thinking a lot since I left home. It seems like the further I am away from home the more I treasure those little things, and also I finally realised who and what is it that I treasure most.

UPDATE: There's 475 photos altogether in my Canon camera. That's like 175 off my earlier estimate of 300. I'm more amazing than I thought.

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cindy said...

wah seh, u went out of point in the middle.hahaa.. i read every word of this entry! :D