Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Straßburg Trip, Transit in Offenburg

Straßburg Trip, Transit in Offenburg

Sitting at the train station waiting for the train to come is a pain. The upon asking, me and my friend realized that the tickets we bought rendered us to take any train as long as we get to our destination, it didn’t matter that the times were not the ones we booked even though the times we had gave us the exact details of which track we were to take our trains from. So me and my friend decided to take an earlier train down to Offenburg and spend more time in transit over there.

This is the photolog of going to Offenburg from Freiburg.


The first is me and my luggage, which after three days two nights would miraculously double in size and weight.
The second is me waiting for my Straßenbahn to get to Freiburg Haupbahnhof.
The third is my Straßenbahn arriving.
The fourth is me looking back down on Freiburg Haupbahnhof.
The fifth is already at Offenburg Bahnhof.
The sixth is the streets of Offenburg.
The seventh is a building in Offenburg by the Bahnhof, I’ve no idea what is it or is supposed to be.
The eighth is me back in the train to leave Offenburg for Straßburg.
The last is leaving Offenburg for Straßburg, looking out at the other trains.

There’s nothing much in Offenburg because we were freezing cold and weren’t able to make it very far away from the train station. Basically we only stayed about this church and took loads of pictures of it.


The first is a picture of me on the train en route to Offenburg.
The second is the church in it’s grandeur.
The third is the church up close.
The fourth is flowers. I love flower gardens~
The fifth is the doors of the church, very intricate details.
The sixth is Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe. Thought, Hope, Love, I think.
The seventh is another door to the church, with more intricate details.
The last is I think Jesus Christ on the stake, quite abstract so not very sure.

I decided not to blog like the other NUS exchange student who is now in Utrecht because this is my blog. What’s Joan’s blog without truckload of pictures of herself and her trademark animated gifs? Why my love of animated gifs? I don’t know either, it’s just the photoshopping that interests me a lot, and that I can do that makes me seem more lihai. wahaha~ I use to list down like lots of photos in one blog entry and it makes my entry longer than it already is, bear regard that I can type a lot. As what Cindy was saying, I went off track in the last post somewhere in the middle.

I also can’t blog like that exchange student because I don’t have a cock friend to do up a cock file. All I have is a stupid girl who won’t put up her stupidities so that nobody will laugh at her.

I also don’t want to put up pictures in their original mode and sizing because now that I’m getting more professional with my phototaking, I don’t want people to misuse my pictures. From now on, all my photos on the blog will be resized with my photoshop before putting them up on Flickr then from Flickr to my blog. Actually I’m now also creating this watermark like logo thingie to put on all my pictures, but I don’t want to show them now. Will only put them up once I confirm which header I want~

It’d be nice to visit Offenburg again when the weather is not so bad or when the shops are open, but I don’t think I’d visit it again since all little towns in the whole of Europe are about the same. But Offenburg is still one of the more important towns in the region since it’s the gateway to France and it’s a main station for trains in the region.


Eunice said...

some feedback on the photos:
I see until yan3 hua1 liao2 luan4... gunni eyes: @_@ *blurizied*

u've got some very nice photos there, but they change so fast, no time to appreciate them..

if u're worried abt "copyright" issues, watermarking it wld be good; but if u know how to use flash to make a flip photo-album, it'll be the best.. I hope to learn flash someday! whee~ :D

Jasmine said...

L'occitane!! I heart L'occitanne, you lucky girl!! I'm glad to hear you're having such a whirl of a time over there though whilst I am still awaiting my final paper for the sem- great pictures! Take care babe! -hugs-