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Straßburg Trip, The Stadt of Straßburg

Straßburg Trip, The Stadt of Straßburg


First, a little map picture.
Second, the next tram sign picture.
Third, the tram directions sign picture.
Last, a platz with lots of bicycles picture.

Straßburg is in France. Surprised? With the previous trip to Colmar last year at the back of my head, this trip to Straßburg was actually much better in terms of language and communication. Not because they spoke English, but because they spoke German. There were a lot more Germans in Straßburg is time since it was a long weekend and throngs of German tourists filled up the streets of Straßburg. Ironic? A bit, especially when you hear German everywhere rather than French, but that was better for me. Maybe it was due to the long weekend that the French, usually quite anal about people not speaking French relaxed a bit with that rule.


First, nice river picture.
Second, colourful street picture.
Third, scenic bridge picture.
Fourth, chocolate shop picture.
Fifth, interesting trees picture.
Sixth, old building picture.
Last, another old building picture.

This is a landmark in Straßburg, the Cathedral. It is this huge, big, gigantic church in the middle of the town. Here is a series of pictures of its grandeur and some intricate designs of the church sculptures.

I am wondering, if it is really better for me to arrange my photos like this. Please send in your comments if you don’t like it and prefer the old way. I had some who reflected that this new way is better though, less messy. If any of you like any one of the picture and wish to have it in its original size, yea, can just ask from me, I’ll send it over to you.

The host I was living with recommended us to visit this little restaurant near the Cathedral because food there was nice and cheap.

Le Gruber

I had this pizza-like thing of a flat crust with cream and cheese on top and ham and mushroom toppings. The usual one also has onion toppings, but mine is ohne zwiebeln, without onions. Thanks for my German if not I wouldn’t know what to say not to have onions in French.

On the whole the food was fine for the price we paid, but on hindsight, it was not the best nor the cheapest we could have got. But more on this later. The ambience of the restaurant was not bad. I like the decoration around, nice pictures, a very exquisite piano. The only thing bad, long wait for table, long wait for food to arrive. Luckily the service was good although I spoke no French. Contrary to popular belief that in France if you spoke no French you would not be well treated. I guess Alsace is different. Or also that majority of the people in the restaurant were Germans, and the French were heavily outnumbered.

After the meal we did some really heavy shopping because the shops would not be open in the next two days when we were there. As my host put it, the scenery and the gift shops would still be open the next day and the day after, but departmental stores and shops wouldn’t be. So we went to shop first and left the sight seeing till much later.

These are some shops of some interest to some people, at least to me ba… lol~

The first one is L’occitane. Jasmine, aren’t you jealous? The prices there are for small items much cheaper than in Singapore, and for bigger items, a little bit cheaper than in Singapore. I bought you a gift from there, Jasmine. And I couldn’t resist buying for Jinwei also. lol~
The second one is a weird shop which I didn’t enter. Although it says Singapore, it looks very Indian when I tried to peek into the shop.
The third one I think is only of my interest. I love adidas, need I say any more? lol~ The funny thing about this adidas was that I saw it when I was walking down the streets, but couldn’t find it when I was looking for it, and found it finally another day when it was closed. hai… And the weird thing is that there’s not adidas in Freiburg. sad~

The second day I went on a wine tour down several little villages of Alsace, that will be in my next entry. I continued sightseeing after that wine tour and the last day of my stay in Straßburg.


I think the photos are self explanatory. What I want to say is that I have an affinity with water, and it’s nice going down rivers and taking loads of photos of different parts of different rivers. At least I think that there were more than one river since we were always crossing rivers, but I really can’t be that sure. erm…

On our second night, we went out for dinner. After walking for a long while and undecided to where to eat, we settled for this little bar which looked snug and warm. That was a hidden gem sia.

Academie de la Biere

I had a ham and mushroom pizza and a tequila sunrise. My friend order what I had ordered at Le Gruber and I tried hers. Comparing, the one at Academie de la Biere was much more suited to my taste, less creamy and more salty rather than sweet. Anyway, my pizza was nice, big and filling. I’m a pizza lover, and when I say the pizza is nice, it really is nice. And comparatively, it’s not expensive too. The food is about the same price or even cheaper than that of Le Gruber. My only complain is that the tequila sunrise seemed to be a bit too sweet for my liking, not enough tequila in the sunrise. But I like the sweets stuck on the stick as decoration which could also be eaten, nice~ And another interesting thing, the slice of fruit on the glass, unlike other tequila sunrises, was not orange but lemon. Gave the drink a zest of sour. Not bad~

We didn’t do anything much on our third day because there wasn’t anything much to do. We were supposed to take the 1827 train from Straßburg, but in the end we left to take the 1157 train which we missed and ended up on the 1319 train.



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hey..cool pictures! i like seeing all those architecture/buildings blah..hahaha. ur hm stay seems gd mann..europe!!! enjoy urself dear!!! *hugs* =)

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woohoo strasbourg[the french spelling] looks beautiful! waiting for ur alsace entry!