Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Bad Week For TV

I start out with the FA Cup. I don't like Liverpool, so I was hoping West Ham would win. I think after my team's out of the cup(s), I watch football and decided which team to support out of pure hate and spite. Between Barcelona and AC Milan some time ago I was supporting AC Milan because I hated Barcelona, but come yesterday, I wanted Barcelona to win because I hate Arsenal even more. My housemates think I'm being fickle, but actually I'm not, I'm just basing everything on pure hate and spite.

But more on the Champions League final later, if not I'd forget what I want to say about the FA Cup. yea... I wanted West Ham to win and they were leading Liverpool. But what the fucking kanasai, Gerrard must be so powderwerful. I won't take away credit from people who deserved it, Gerrard's first goal, the second Liverpool goal, the turning point of the game, was perfect. A few mor of those and England will have no problem winning the World Cup even without Rooney. Speaking of Rooney, in the England context, I really hope he'd be fine for the World Cup, but on the pitch against Chelsea when he got injured, I was freaking happy and gloating about it. He gave Terry three stitches, this is called retribution, karma, what goes up comes down. bah~ I think I'm a very spiteful person, everything to me is so relative putting it up against something else.

Anyway, I'd like to make a little confession here, I like football matches that go into penalty kicks, cos that means more than two hours of playing football, for me more than two hours of watching football, and well, I just like goalkeepers, except for one person whom I hate more than any other footballer, more than Ronaldinho, more than Henry, but more on that later, I still need to complete what I want to say regarding the FA Cup.

To me, the FA Cup final reminded me of last year's Champions League final. Liverpool fighting back from defeat and winning on penalties thanks to the heroics of the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper was a different one. I still don't understand Liverpool. They have Dudek, yet they still want Reina, and neither is good in the permiership but excellent in the Champions League. Dudek was previously the goalkeeper for Poland, but now after being edged out by Reina, he's being edged out by some other Polish guy I don't even know. I'm feeling for Dudek even though I don't like him, this is stupid. lol~ But in relation, I don't like Reina even more than I don't like Dudek, so that explains.

On Sunday, I watched Ice Hockey. Then I realised one thing. Ever since I started watching sports on TV in Germany, which ever team I was supporting would lose. Liverpool vs Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final was another example, same with the AC Milan and Barcelona matches and the Arsenal vs Villareal. sucks...

I like watching Ice Hockey. I think it's a very fun game, it tests speed and agility, teamwork and strength. And the players are also damn shuai because of the need for strength in the game. And it's also another physical kind of sport and quite often players end up in blows with each other. I like watching men fight, but not that kind of boxing fight. I like spontaneous fighting for a cause, not just to win, but in Kurogane's words "to fight to protect something", be it a person or a dignity, or the name for something.

Then on Monday, I woke up early in the morning to check the internet to find out the results for a TV show I can't watch. Survivor. dang~ The guy I'm supporting lost. Double whammy for me.

I like Terry. He's the epitome of man. I like the man kind of man, I liked Tom and Gary from before and it's no wonder I'd like Terry the moment I saw him play. He's been so good out there beating all those kids flat, and surviving after his whole tribe fell and winning immunities over and over again. sucks... He lost the immunities when it meant the most to him.

I'm crying for unfairness now, but I know my cries are unfounded because that's how games go. I'm saying that usually in Survivor, the last immunity challenge is an endurance one, and Terry can beat any endurance test, and since Terry is also smart, he can also beat any puzzle test, but it's a test of balance. The girl would definitely win it. And that yoga instructor. There just isn't a fair challenge ground. But of course, I know, it's a game, and that's how games go, somethings you are lucky, sometimes you run out of luck.

Next I'll complain about Danielle. She made a huge mistake not to bring Terry along because he was the one who aligned himself with her. He could have voted her off instead of Cirie, after all she once betrayed him. Anyway, Danielle either way was screwed, although she lost 2-5 to Aras, if she was pitting herself against Terry, it might be a case of 7-0 loss. Austin and Sally will definitely vote for Terry, Courtney and Shane were screwed by Danielle, so it's a Terry vote too, Aras said that if Danielle brought Terry to the final two she would lose his vote and Cirie's, Bruce has all along respected Terry since they were from the old man's tribe. Pity we didn't get to see that unanimous vote. Either way, Danielle lost Sally and Austin's vote with her betrayal of Terry. Can't wait to read the transcripts of the jury and the final two online.

Then we go on chronologically to Wednesday's Champions League match. As I said before I was support Barca out of pure spite. For once the team I was supporting actually won, but not without some scares. First thing I must say out loud. WAHAHAHA~ ORH BI GOOD, JENS LEHMANN~~~ Okay, I should stop acting so childish, but I really really hate Jens Lehmann, so I'm very happy that he made such a stupid miscalculation and got that red card and sending off.

But but but, bear with me for a while more as I trash out more complains. I thought it was horrible of Wenger to substitute Pires. It's Pires' last game with Arsenal and he has to be substituted because of the folly of a team member. That just sucks. But that's not the only repurcussion. The other is that Bergkamp didn't get to play in his last match of his career. That's all because of the folly of some idiot. kanasai... yea... Even though I don't like Arsenal, I like Pires and Bergkamp.

On the other spectrum of play, Barcalona. I didn't like Barcalona, but well, I hate Arsenal even more. In Barcalona, I found a gem. I've noticed him for quite some time, but in didn't really take note of him since I've always been clouded by my dislike for that team.

Victor Valdes

I totally dig goalkeepers. I think most of the players I like are goalkeepers. Other than Terry and Lampard and the whole Chelsea team, I like goalkeepers of other teams. Let me think of the goalkeepers I like... Iker Casillas, Oliver Kahn, Petr Cech, Cudicini, Shay Given... Why do I like goalkeepers? When I mean by like, I don't mean in terms of footballing, but me seeing them as individual men. Well, goalkeepers tend to be tall and strong and cute. Minus Lehmann, that big whiner. And quite often they are understated. I hate overrated players, Ronaldinho, Henry, no nos for me. I also go along certain coloured lines that might put me under scrutiny of sedition, but heck la... This is my personal preference for men.

Back to Valdes, not only is he tall and strong, he also has certain qualities as a goalkeeper that I like. He's young, only 24 years of age, a long way to go. He's a one club player, rose through the ranks of the youth team and the B team before getting his big break as the first choice keeper in a big team. Sort of similar to Casillas, the other young goalkeeper I like, also a one club player who rose through the ranks of a very big team. Like Casillas who's from Madrid (the town), Valdes is Catalan (or do I call them Catalonian?) and I think this identifies themselves more closely with the club. Like Terry and Lampard being Londoners. And another little fettish of mine that Valdes fits is that he's 6 feet tall. wahaha~ Me and my 6 footer footballers~

Quite a pity that Valdes' not going to Germany. Currently I think Spain's first choice goalkeeper is Iker Casillas, so I can't really complain. And after Reina's heroics in the FA Cup, the second choice goalkeeper seemed to have justified himself. The third choice goalkeeper for Spain is someone I don't really know very well, but I heard he's old, and was the first choice goalkeeper before Casillas, so I think he should retire soon. Actually if I'm not wrong Reina's also not that young anymore. He should let the lads have their chances. Casillas and Valdes~

WHAT THE FUCK! I've just went to check Reina's age, he's only fucking 23 years old, same year borned as Valdes. Spain is so lucky to have all these talented young goalkeepers man... And they all are first choice goalkeepers for big big teams. But I was reading an article about Spanish football and nationalism the other day. It seems like regionalism reigns for Spain and that's the reason why Spain can't go far as a national team. Although players like Puyol and del Horno are Spanish, they are primarily rather Catalan and Basque players respectively. The article also highlighted an incident involving del Horno when he first came over to Chelsea, he didn't want to be pictured with a Spainish flag for fear of the Basque people not happy with him.

haiyo... Like that how to play for Spain? So I'm also a little glad that Valdes is Catalan~ wahaha~

Enough a bout football, I next come to what happened today. This morning I woke up the first thing I did was to check the internet for the results of the other reality TV show that I'm so hooked onto. The Amazing Race~~~ My team came in a close second. Fuck!

The hippies won. Like they are so annoying, and they won out of luck lor. They twice escaped elimination, then the second last leg was in Japan when one of the hippies spoke fluent Japanese. Then the very last roadblock, you can tell that he Frats were not as well travelled as the hippies. All these when the Frats were leading. Fuck! But oh well, the Frats and the hippies are still very good friends, and online there's a couple of pretty tantalising photographs of the four of them half nude and doing some group activities together. bah~ Since I'm becoming such a fan of yaoi lately, I'll forgive the hippies since they're still friends with the Frats.

Anyway, the Frats still have tons of travel rewards to make use of. There are so many places they can go with them winning so many of the rewards. Oh... And I forgot to comment about Ray and Yolanda, But I don't think that's very surprising since they are so forgetable. Did they even race? They were like so always lost. In all I can say that this season is a very strong season with two very strong teams that dominated and were two very lucky teams and are about the only teams that never got into a fight with each other. Eric and Jeremy never fought, never raised their voices, and never stressed out. I think that should be the case of a game, to keep their cool. I like cool men~

I remember BJ and Tyler did got upset once in the desert when one of them was complaining to the other that it wasn't fair that he always got all the searching roadblocks. Well, both of them, the hippies and the Frats, had a system of rotating between themselves for the roadblocks so it's their own personal luck who got to do the fun roadblocks. If not I think there wouldn't be anyone wanting to do some roadblocks and both wanting to do the others.

I think I'm turning into a TV addict. Every day at 3.10pm I'd switch on the TV to RTL II and watch, get this, Detective Conan. wahaha~ Then when I'm not watching TV, I'm watching youtube. man...

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