Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blog Revamped

I've been meaning to do this for a very long time already but only managed to do it up now because...

1. I had trouble picking with header to use, then I remembered my specialty, animated gifs.
2. Then I wanted more backgrounds for the header, but haven't been travelling and haven't any nice pictures.
3. My previous copy of the template in notepad form was lost after my computer crashed. This had to be redone from scratch.
4. I fell in love with youtube and that occupied all my time.
5. I procrastinated.
6. I procrastinated more.
7. I procrastinated much more.
8. I thought that my previous blogskin was adequate.
9. I was supposed to be doing my homework tonight.
10. I decided to procrastinate doing my homework~ wahaha~

An explanation of the new header. The animated gif idea was toyed with for a month before I finally decided on these 16 pictures. I don't think they are the best but it will have to do until I find more time to make a header I'm really proud of. Actually, I don't quite like the image quality of the gif file on flickr, but it will have to do until I make a nicer header.

The picture of me in the header I thought was my pride. I really loved that picture a lot. But then my world collasped the other day when a friend said I looked like I've gained weight in that picture. dang~ Until I find a nicer picture of myself that I also really like, well, I'll keep this header. I spent like nights cutting my double face out, cutting and resizing everything, if I don't use it, the nights I've spent would be very much wasted.

I need a better photog. Then I can do less photoshopping. No, I need a studio, then I won't even need to photoshop away all the extas. The original unedited photo was from this blog entry.
The Manhattan Fish Market

There's another story behind it. When my comp crashed, the photos taken on that day were lost because I hadn't backed them up, but luckily I blogged about it, and I posted them on Flickr and I managed to get those nicer pictures back by downloading them from Flickr again. Luckily I didn't resize the pictures. If not, I'd really die. The picture is really one I liked a lot a lot, that is until that friend of mine said I looked fat in it. damn... I think it's the smile... When I smile my cheeks puff up and I look fat.

Anyway, since I started watching youtube, I've stopped playing with my photoshop. Just now it was actually touching photoshop all over again that prompted me to finally play with html codings. The pice of work I played with just now...
They are all screen captures from youtube.

I like photoshop~ I can crop and resize, and I've learnt something new today! I've learnt how to stretch~ The orginal video was on wide screen but it wasn't uploaded on wide screen format, so the characters all looked narrowed, so my screen captures of the character looked narrow, so I stretched them back using photoshop~

See when I've the time, and my screen capture is working again, I'll do a more lavish attempt at creating something nice for my dear Shinichi~ Now to think of that, I still owe someone an animated gif something like my header. I did himan amatuer one, but I found a nicer picture of him which I want to use, but more difficult to crop away all the extras at the back. bah~ Must find time to play with my photoshop again. But I've got so many other things to do too... wahaha~

Okay, please give me comments for my blogskin. Thanks~


GhOsT said...

wow.... a lot of flashing graphics...

Nice change!

cindy koh said...

oh, all your past descriptions of yourself is gone!

cindy koh said...

anyway, i like the flashing graphics! Just now when i scroll down before i took a look at the top. cooL! :)