Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An Email: Yummy Salmon

I just wrote this email to a friend, and I thought that it sounds pretty interesting for a blog entry, so instead of only having one person know about it, I've decided to put it on the blog and share this little nugget with everybody online~ wahaha~ And, sorry, bear with me for the utter neglection of the use of capital letters. I'm not very font of using capital letters, even when it's appropriate in MSN or in emails. Just a little weird fact about me.


hello shuaige~

still in camp? still want me to send you emails to occupy your cold lonely nights with a dozen of other men? wahaha~

subject of today is your favourite topic, salmon~ a new inventive joan way of eating salmon, or should i say, your favourite smoked salmon... wahahah~ and i've just ate it for supper... jealous? don't be, cos i'll teach you how to now!

usually when you eat salmon what do you flavour it with? when i ate smoked salmon, western style, i always flavour it with lemon juice, squeezed from a lemon slice. actually when i eat seafood western styled, i always eat it with squeezed lemon. all kinds of fish, prawns, whatsoevers, fried, steamed (but western hardly steam fish), grilled or smoked, always with lemon to enhance the taste of the seafood.

but when i eat seafood chinese or japanese styled, i always flavour it with light soya sauce, jiu qing, jiang qing, whatever you call it in your dialect. especially japanese style, always always everything must dip in light soya sauce.

yesterday, in the supermarket, i saw a packet of salmon selling not too expensive, so i bought it. at first i thought the salmon was raw, but of course, if it comes packaged, tough luck for it to be raw. but anyway, i ate it. yesterday i ate it japanese styled, with light soya sauce and ate it plain. too salty, and with it being smoked, i think the preservatives that i ate altogether is enough to put someone allergic to msg to death already. but of course, don't need to worry about me, i fed myself enough pepsi to make sure i'm still alive.

just now, for supper, i wanted something a bit more. was feeling really hungry mah... so i thought of toast. remember i told you about high tea at hyatt's? or was it you whom i was discussing smoked salmon with? should be you la, only you as crazy about food as me... hehehe... at hyatt's, i ate the smoked salmon with lemon over toast. but tonight, me didn't buy lemon, besides, this smoked salmon not nice as the on at hyatt's, this one still a bit fishy, so i decided to do some infusion~

i soaked the salmon in my light soya sauce just like i did last night, then place that slice of salmon on top of my toast, and ate it. japanese-western infusion~ sort of like sushi only that i used toast instead of rice. sort of like sandwich only that i did it with light soya sauce.

another little jap-infusion i added just now is my drinking of ocha after the meal to wash off the effects of the over eating of preservatives.

sounds nice right? sounds yummy right? hehehe~ want to try it out some time? but then if i were in singapore, i wouldn't go for smoked salmon, i prefer my salmon to be raw~ wahahaha...

oh... and speaking of salmon, i learnt an interesting recipe from my neighbour. baked salmon~ hahaha... you want next time i can try out that recipe see you dare to try my food anot. lol~

my neighbour's salmon got another story of its own... that day i was at this little fast food restaurant selling seafood. i saw a little sushi bento. thinking of home, thinking of all the sushi i haven't been eating, i bought one box, not very cheap, but just to try it out.

feeling happy that that night's dinner was going to be a yummy one, i went back home. and ate my sushi~ of course that includes raw salmon sushi, my very very favourite, well, almost my most favourite... then my neighbour came into the kitchen and put his salmon into the oven to bake.

it smelt so nice~

then he took it out and ate it. one piece of salmon baked, together with potatoes and bread. nice and warm and fragrant. there i was eating my raw salmon with rice and kikoman light soya sauce, the salmon was cold, the rice was cold, the soya sauce was salty, if you understand what i mean... bah~ my this neighbour is always making me feel bad with all the nice food he has.

anyway, i got the recipe from him already~ wahahaha~ but in the meantime, me too lazy to cook can only eat salmon toast, which i still think tastes yummy~ of course, it's only yummy when i'm not having dinner with my that above mentioned neighbour. bah~

okie~ good night~ have fun at camp~ how i wish i had this many guys surrounding me at this moment sia... lucky you~ wahahaha...


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