Monday, May 22, 2006

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I was out today with Yingshi, Clarence and Najib who came in to Freiburg from Heidelberg. So I didn't manage to watch anything on youtube, and I hadn't watched Conan Movie 8 last night either, maybe I'll watch later, maybe not. See how first.

Actually the title More Links is a bit misleading, I'm not posting up more links, I'm just doing a bit more linkings. hai...

This Blinkymummy post on KL reminded me of the last time I went to KL. Or did I even go to KL? I went to KL, yes, but I hadn't left Berjaya Times Square at all. The whole time I was in KL, I was confined to the buildings of Berjaya Times Square, so can I considered as having gone to KL? bah~

Remember just yesterday night I was angsting over Shan and Ming and Tian over my possible finetuning of Adele's character and her relationship with Ming? I think I've found a possible answer here.

Last night/this morning, I had a dream. I dream of Ming and Adele and of this little village near my place, Hinterzarten. I love that place after being there once, I see the possibility of Ming and Adele being there had things not happened. damn... I'm now starting to like Adele more than Shan, and if this happens, my story will become a big mess. bah~ I need to do more thinking instead of feeling.

I finally got this video uploaded.

It's pure entertainment. I hadn't wanted to put it up at first since it's so lame, but I wanted to show it to a friend so I uploaded it and since I've uploaded it I thought I must well put it up here.

And finally I got my screen capture working. I'm not sure why but sometimes it works sometimes it don't. So here's the picture I wanted to show to prove my Minesweeper best times. Pity I didn't get the screen of my best score board captured.

best times

I thought I was good in Minesweeper, of course I know I'm definitely nowhere near the best, but after seeing this post, I'm feeling a bit demoralised of myself. But honestly, looking at the board, the placing of the mines is what I consider a lucky board. bah~ I need to push myself to the extremes. I need more practice.

And I'm hungry now. And I need to bathe. And I still got stuff to do. sucks... And I'm still procrastinating about this other post I've been wanting to post up since two weeks ago. And now I'm urgent, need go toilet. bah~ My mind's not working anymore.

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stanley said...

hehheh.. the mine sweeping world record is less than a minute for the expert level.. lol.. i think is 54 seconds or something.. yup.. jiayou breaking your own records ba.. haha..