Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where I Got My Stupidity From

I just received an email from my dad. After reading it, I realised that's the reason I'm like this.

My dad asked me why wasn't I online for the past two evenings (Singapore evenings).

My reply as follows:
i need to study la... i need go school also leh... you evening time is my midday hor... i where can sit at my desk in bright daylight just to online? diaoz... but i evening time i can online, just that my evening time is your night time liao. *bish bish*

I guess this tells why I'm borned like that. Because of the defective genes~ wahaha~ And this is the father who studied overseas before lor... flew all the way to England to study and now I only go Germany he can ask me why I'm not online. hai...

1 comment:

yl chew said...

ahhaha it's so sweet of ur dad to ask! =)he misses u lehhh