Saturday, May 13, 2006


Impossible is Nothing.

Check out the videos first. adidas has scaled to new heights in terms of their advertising, but who are they to blame now that the World Cup is less than a month away? I wanted to upload those videos myself, but I found them on youtube already so I'd just use what's there. Youtube's so absolutely amazing. They've everything in there.

I wonder how many players did adidas signed on in the first place. I know a list of teams with adidas kit, national and club, but there isn't a comprehensive enough list of players donning adidas three stripes.

The theme of this adidas advertisement, and a lot of adidas advertisement is team work. Without a team, there isn't football. If you compare adidas and Nike's advertisement, the trend is that for adidas advertisements, there tend to be a lot of players involved, then there'd be a so called dream team, but for Nike's advertisement, the focus is only on a single player. Remember the Ronaldinho advertisement, and the whole hooha over it? It's the same thing, Nike produced a video, put it online and have the whole world talking about it and downloading it. But adidas produced a team advertisement instead of focusing on any of the single player. Ironically, the only other major company which advertises using a whole "dream football team" successfully is Pepsi. Remember the advertisement from the last World Cup?

And the last European Cup?

This is another cute one I found in youtube.

And another...

This one is found yet ironic. Bavaria, the land of beer and football~ lol~

Now this is the main reason why I don't like Nike. They already have a wealth of football players yet they still can't market themselves well enough in the European scene. And this is also the reason why I enjoy Pepsi too. I love Coke, but Pepsi advertisements are lots better. I'm a total sucker for advertisements, give me a good advertisement and I'll buy almost everything.

Now, seriously thinking, what if what if one day there's an all-stars game, adidas vs Nike, wonder which players would play and which team would win. I'd want adidas to win though, they've got better players and a whole team spirit. I know, adidas can form a club by themselves and sign on all the players they've have, then sign a good manager, then it'd be fantasy football all over again. cool~

Pepsi can form a team of their own too~

Now to think of that, the Jose+10 is a bit weird... Jose... Could it be a pun on someone? Now to think of that if that someone takes over the rein and forms his +10 I guess the team in blue would be invincible, wait, we already are... hahahaha~

Actually, I'm very glad that we have terminated our deal with Umbro and signed a newer and better on with adidas, this opens up lots of propects to the marketibility of our team. Lampard, Robben, Duff, being among those newly included in the adidas family can only lead to more in the furture. ohh... And I forgot, one of the favourite faces of adidas is coming to our team come next season. Ballack~

I've also heard news that Shevchenko wants a transfer to the English Premier League. I don't think any other team is able to afford Shevchenko, or able to pry Shevchenko from our hands if we want him. With a new kit, new sponsors, new players and the old rear guard, we can go for the most prestigous cup in Europe and for the second time to retain the premiership title. I'll buy the adidas kit, not just for the team but also for adidas~

Then I'll wear them to Farrell's class~ wahaha~~~
I'm so evil~

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issei said...

Hey gal, havent talk to you in a while, can see that you are hafing fun in Europe..the pictures are goregous. Have the time of your life and see you back here soon!