Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Meme, For Rozie

20 People Meme

Someone has been doing memes off my blog, so I specially went to look for more memes to do so that she can do more memes too~ wahaha...

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head - don’t read the questions before you write and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Rozie
2. Jasmine
3. Yingling
4. Eunice
5. Jinwei
6. Andrew
7. Eugene
8. Gabriel
9. Anja
10. Karolina
11. Michael
12. Lorenz
13. Cindy Teo
14. Cindy Koh
15. Audrey
16. Peiting
17. Peiyi
18. Matthew
19. Zihui
20. Jinsen

Phew... Just writing down these names I realised I'm so out of touch, been living in my own world for quite some time already. I've no friends~ It's so hard to come up with all these names, or maybe it's just me... bah~

1. How did you meet #14?
German 1 tutorials, but we didn't really talk. We met again in German 3 lectures, then we just clicked.

2. What would you do if you had never met #1?
Then I wouldn't have any Muslim close friends at all. Then I wouldn't know (as in really know, not those people you meet in classes) anyone doing European Studies.

3. What would you do if #20 and #9 dated?
Not possible. Anja's in Germany, and she'll stay here, I guess, Jinsen, from what I understood before I left was that he was attached.

4. Would #6 & #17 make a good couple?
Peiyi attached already leh... hmm... I haven't met Andrew in person yet so very hard for me to determine.

5. Describe #3.
She's like a mother like that. Think of all qualities you can use to describe a stereotypical mother, that's Yingling.

6. Do you think #8 is attractive?
unless he goes for extreme makeover, physical attractiveness will be elusive to him.
But transphysical, I guess that would have to depend on the individual, for me, bah~

7. Tell me something about #7.
He can be a character in my Prozac Nation collection of short stories.

8. Do you know anything about #12’s family?
He has a brother. He had dinner with his brother near the Hauptbahnhof last week after our project meeting.

9. What’s #8’s favourite?
"... women"

10. What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you?
erm... I don't think I'd understand ba... His English isn't that good and my German isn't that good.

11. What language does #15 speak?
English and Chinese.

12. Who is #9 going out with?
She has a boyfriend, in another town in Germany.

13. How old is #16 now?

14. When was the last time you talked to #13?
Quite some time ago ba... We were gushing over Detective Conan, then she got busy and I went on my travels.

15. Who’s #2’s favourite singer?
Don't really know.

16. Would you date #4?
Nope. She's a girl~

17. Would you date #7?
I don't think I'd want to be yet another character in my Prozac Nation short story collection.

18. Is #15 single?
From what I know, I think the answer would be yes.

19. What is #10’s last name?
Goro-something-sky. She's Polish!

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with #19?
Nope. She's a girl~

21. What schools did #3 go to?
Don't know her primary school, Anglican High, Temasek Junior College, NUS

22. Where does #6 live?
Now in Scotland, going to bunk in with relatives in London soon, and when he goes back Singapore, he'll live a 5min walk away from my place.

23. What’s your favourite thing about #5?
I absolutely luuuuuuuuuuurve every single thing about #5~~~
He's my sun, moon and stars, he the light of my life, he's the force pushing me to continue my existence, he's my idol, my leader, my shining knight~
I'm getting mushy already~ bah~

24. What do you think of #18?
I admire his ability to uproot himself and implant himself in any part of the world and adapt to conditions fast.

25. What do #4 & #19 have in common?
Lots~ We're in the same clique mah~

26. What special qualities does #17 hold in your life?
She's very dependable, from the days of her sitting beside me in secondary school to now, whenever I have problems, I can find myslf aways being able to turn to her~

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