Wednesday, June 14, 2006


What makes a friend an amazing one?

If anyone has been noticing my MSN status message, one should know that my status message has been alternating with my songs played on my Windows Media Player, one is A Song of Storm and Fire, another is Unfaithful. There're an amazing story behind the songs...

joan: Eh, can help me find one song? It's a song from Tsubasa Chronicles, but not the opening or ending song. It's used in the anime especially during battles.
him: Got vocal anot?
joan: Got, but it doesn't sound Japanese.
him: Is it like chanting like that?
joan: Can say so ba...

(10 min later)

him: (sends an extract of the song, an extract!!! He even cut out an extract of the song~) Is it this?
joan: (listens) Nope...

(another 5 min later)

him: (sends another extract of another song) Is it this?
joan: YES!!!

With just that short description, he managed to find me that song I wanted so badly. And if you thought this was already the best one could do for a friend, he amazed me even more just now.

I was watching stuff on youtube. One of my youtube "friends" made an AMV, this AMV...

The song kept playing in my head, so I tried to seach around for the mp3 of the song, but to no avail. *ding ding ding* When he came online, I asked him to help me~

joan: Can help me find a song? Unfaithful by Rihanna...
him: What anime is that from? Is it recent?
joan: Not anime song, just normal song (erm... Normal? Sounds weird, a normal song... lol~) Quite recent, just came out on 25 April.
him: Okay, I'll try.

(10 min later)
*joan received a mail (seen from her mail notifier) sent by: him, subject: unfaithful*
joan: (to herself) omg~
him: (to joan via MSN) Found it liao.
joan: You are so absolutely amazing sia~

Okay, Joan is easily impressed by people, but for one who has never truly master the art of searching for stuff online and successfully downloading them, she has to rely on friends. And as all know, Joan is the kind of girl who has trouble with descriptions, she can go on and on on irrelevant stuff and cannot exactly pinpoint the relevant stuff. Not to mention that she can't sing for nuts, so you can rule out humming any tune.

I shall start preparing a very big and nice birthday present for my dear friend~

Thank you Jinwei!!!

The biggest and best present I think he can receive is a girl, so now, I shall proceed on to my mission. I aim to help him find a girl and set up a date for him for his 23th birthday! *determined* *very determined* Other matchmaking session (note: Gabriel, very apologetic), has to be put on hold. All expenses for the date shall be on me.

- quite good looking, as you can see from the picture
- quite smart, can pass tests and exams without studying
- very passionate, in theatre

potential date applicants:
- must must must be a girl
- preferably a simple nice girl
- must have a passion for theatre
- must understand life is more than just grades on a piece of paper

Email me if interested~

The date will be at somewhere I think Jinwei will like, at least I hope he would. It will definitely have very yummy smoked salmon~ Preferable it would be on his birthday, that would make a very good birthday present. Of course, I will not be present. Why the heck would I go and glow all over the romantic setting? If you (the interested applicant) is shy, I'll think of something for you, trust me. (Damn... The last time I said "trust me", I turned out to be wrong, but you needn't need to know this.)

Somehow I don't think this blog entry would be very effective. My backup plans is to work on all the girls friends around me... I'm doing all these just for you okay, Jinwei. See? I so good friend, I know how to repay kindness~ wahaha~

hmm... Now thinking of a girl for Jinwei, I realised that I've actually a very wide demography of friends. I had wanted to introduce a friend to someone when that someone commented that my friend seemed to be of the same demography as most of his friends, yea... It seemed like most of the people he meets ends up being that mould of people. The kind of girl I thought would be suitable for him is a direct opposite from the kind of girl I'd suppose suitable for dear Jinwei. And yea, I know people from both these spectrums. I know a lot of different kind of people. How come ah?

Oh shit! I realised that I went totally off topic, again!!!

Looking on top at my blog title, it says "Unfaithful", and that's what I was supposed to be talking about today, about the song and about the AMV you can see up there, somewhere between my long chunks of crap, okay, they are not crap, they are totally useful strings of sentences.

Maybe it's watching that AMV that made me see this song in another light. I like Haibara Ai/Sherry/Shiho Miya-something, whatever you use to call her, but I think there's something deeper about her character that hasn't come to light yet. From my reading of Detective Conan, the manga, I suspect, I strongly suspect that there might be sexual relationships of Sherry (when she was Sherry) with Gin, and maybe also that FBI guy Shuichi Something.

I don't know if I've the Rin-being-pregnant-Syndrome again, but I thought that was what was implied in some of the volumes of Dectective Conan. But of course, there's also the possibility that I've yet again misread the manga due to my not that good Chinese, but it will be interesting if Sherry did have had a relationship with Shuichi that made Gin hate her even more and wants her dead at all cost. And of course, it would be more interesting to also know that Sherry does like Conan/Shinichi/Whatever. I mean, there must be a reason for her to go running over to Shinichi's house when she suffered that ordeal, and there must be a reason why she altered the status of Shinichi.

I'm not a ConanXAi fan, I'm more of a ShinichiXRan fan, but I always had this soft spot for Ai. Of course, she have had this terrible life, Conan once shouted at her that it was all her fault that he became small, it was after all her poison. But I don't think Ai really have wanted all that to happen. It wasn't her fault that she was borned to her parents, and not her fault that she her parents died (were killed) and she was brought up by the organisation. Although Ai tried to sacrifice herself a couple of times but failed, I think in the finale she will finally successfully sacrifice herself for Shinichi to be Shinichi again, and for him to clamp down the Black Organisation.

but of course, all these talk about Sherry is all just speculative, and don't be misled by me. Jinwei, I don't think he'd like a Sherry, maybe an Ayumi might be more suitable for him. Maybe Sherry would suit the other friend I'm trying to match make better~ wahaha~

I think I'll spend tonight watching more anime, and spend the whole of tomorrow looking for more girls~ And don't remind me, I know I still have lots of travel logs to post up... hai... I'll try get some stuff done soon. I promise~

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