Saturday, June 24, 2006

Countdown Meme

10 Favourites
Favourite colour: Red
Fav food: Seafood
Fav song: Faye Wong's 《扑火》
Fav movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Fav sport: (I do) Swimming, (I watch) Football
Fav season: Autumn
Fav day of the week: Friday
Fav ice-cream flavour: (if there is) Mango, (more conventionally) Chocolate
Fav book: (Chinese) Liang Yusheng's 《萍踪侠影录》, (English) Patricia Le Roy's Angels of Russia
Fav cartoon: (anime) Tsubasa Chronicles

9 currents:
current mood: Excited. (I've bought my ticket to Herzogenaurach!!!)
current song: Rihanna's Unfaithful
current book: Donna Leon's Blood from a Stone
current subject studying: Second Industrial Revolution
current thought: What shall I buy in Herzogenaurach?
current time: 1858
current toenail colour: Half pink for the big toes, the rest all came off already
current boyfriend: None
current wish: I want to go to Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Museum after my adidas Museum trip~

8 Firsts:
1st best friends: A girl named Clara (or something sounding similar) from Kindergarden
1st crush: I think by now everybody should know who he was. And I still mention about him now and then, he looks like Van Der Sar. wahahaha~
1st movie: Beauty and the Beast? Aladdin? Whichever came out first...
1st piercing: Ears
1st handphone: Nokia 6110
1st sport: Swimming
1st pet: None, my dad did have fishes before, but I don't count them.

Last cigarette: None
Last drink: Coke
Last car ride: With my friend and her landlady to Baden-Baden. Oh man... It's so long since I've been in a car, and to think in Singapore, I sat in cars like every day.
Last crush: If not counting the fucked up guy, since I don't see him as a crush, then maybe hehehe...
Last movie seen: MI:3 in German
Last phone call: The guy from my insurance agency calling to ask me if my address was wrong because my mail bounced back, but the address was correct, and he had to send it again, and yes, I finally received my insurance card, like I so need it since I'll be leaving soon. duh~
Last sms: Lorenz, something about our referat.
Last song played: Rihanna's Unfaithful

6Have you evers:
Dated one of ur best friends: I wouldn't call it a date.
Broken the law: I brought underage girls to watch R21 movies, and go drinking. Wait, I watched RA movies in cinemas before I was of age.
Been arrested: No, but I was once stopped by Policemen. It was a school day at about 9am, I was in my uniform, and I was in an uluated area of East Coast Park with a friend trying to walk to Suntec City. Mr Policemen asked us why we weren't in school. lol~
Skinny-dipped: Nope
Been on TV: Some interviews for some events, yes, a few times before, but all very brief.
Kissed someone u din noe: Nope

5 things you are wearing:
- My Calvin Klein beige dress
- My black Chaos long pants, damnit, the weather's turning cold AGAIN!
- My pink Birks
- Bra
- Panties (nothing more to write already)

4 things I've done today:
- "Made" a referat
- Watched the Ukraine-Tunisia match
- Bought my train ticket to Herzogenaurach
- Chatted online

3 things I can hear rite now:
- Cars honking, must be the Spanish
- Housemates talking
- Some loudspeaker, some MC is talking, must be in preparation for the France-Togo match, or the Korea-Switz match

2 things u cant live without:
- Food
- Love

Things u do when ur bored:
- Use my computer, I can blog, read blogs, surf news, YOUTUBE!!!, and read and do so many many things online, offline I can do my photoshop and AMVs

As usual, not tagging anyone since I wasn't tagged to do this, so do if you feel bored, or if you feel like it. lol~

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