Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's the Pfingsten week and I have no classes at all for this entire week. Of course, I had wanted to use this opportunity to go to a couple of places. But I faced two setbacks. 1. No travel mate. 2. I've a project group meeting on Wednesday, right smack in the middle of the week.

In the end, on Saturday, I made a hasty decision. My friend, the Taiwanese girl, wanted to go to Bodensee, so we bought tickets to Konstanz, actually we bought the Baden-W├╝rtemburg ticekts, so we could go to anywhere in that region byt the normal trains. Then in a haste, I decided that I can make it in Europe travelling alone, so I bought a one way ticket to Luxembourg, with four transits, and another one way ticket back to Freiburg from Utrecht. I haven't bought tickets from Luxembourg to Utrecht yet though. And I don't think I'd even be going to Utrecht straight from Luxembourg. My plan is to tour the whole of Benelux. So I guess I'd make a trip from Luxembourg to Brussels, then from Brussels to Utrecht. Then from Utrecht I can make day trips to Amsterdam and that windmill place.

A short note on my Konstanz trip. In two days, we also went to Singen, a sleepy little town with nothing much to see, and Triberg, a town with the Stadtmitte far far away from the Bahnhof, and the world's largest Cuckoo clock, far away from both the Stadtmitte and the Bahnhof. yea... I did quite a bit of walking in these two days, and I think I'll be doing even more walking in the next four days of my trips. Bless me~

Anyway, I realised something very stupid of me. I'm leaving Germany right smack in the middle of the opening of the World Cup. Now I'll have to wriggle my way into some bar in the middle of the night in a foreign country alone. Bless me a bit more~

Luckily for me, I think Benelux is a relatively safe place to be. Oh well... I've survived one day and a bit of the night in Berlin by myself so what else can't I not do by myself? Speaking of Berlin, my tickets to Luxembourg and from Utrecht is cheaper than my return ticket to Berlin, and this time I'll get a bed~ Thanks to my miscommunication the last time, I got a sitting place, this time I'll be lying down~ cool~ Should be worth trying out everything, at least once.

I'm feeling a bit guilty spending so much. hai... I must make sure that everything will be well worth the price I'm paying!!!

Oh, and I must complain a bit. Konstanz and the other little towns are quite a bit boring. Even with the biggest Cuckoo clock in the world, I took about 220 photos in the two days. Compare this with the 470 photos I took in Berlin. kaoz~ I must take at least 700 photos in Benelux lor, if not all those I spent would be wasted. My aim would of course to be able to take a full 750 photos with my 1gig card and my 512mb card.

I was reading a couple of blogs just now, a couple of my friend bought that 250gig external hard disk drive from the PC fair. wahaha~~~ I also want!!! 250gig means can store 125 000. Then I want get the CSII when I get back, then each .psd file would be damn big, then I'd really need that amount of space!!! wahaha~ I'm really spending a lot on these techie sort of stuff and I'm not really the most techie person on earth. bah~ Even close friends find it amazing that I actually have 1 gig cards and a multi card reader and lots of weird techie gadgets.

Just now someone asked me why do I have three Flickr accounts. Well, if someone sponsor me a Flickr pro account, then I wouldn't need three Flickr accounts lor... bah~ Anyway, I've been resizing all my photos one by one, painstakenly, and back breakingly, to upload on a travel journal portal. I'd put up the link once I think I've got a decent journal, so if you want any photos (read: Cindy) wait. Then just download what you want from there. Photos there are resized to prevent blatant plagarism of my work, sorry, but some things are mine and I'd want to use them to do graphic designings. If one day I'm to use my pictures for an A2 or larger poster, I wouldn't want anyone to be able to emulate my work from downloading my pictures.

Actually I've a lot of things I need to blog about but have been procrastinating until I now feel very tired to do much writing, especially writing with the use of my dying brain cells.

Oh yar, I'm trying to do up a match making session for a deprived friend of mine. I sent in a picture of one of my close girl friends (girls, erm... I think I shall not name the identity of her here because I know you are reading this, but rest assured that I won't introduce shit to anyone.) Anyone else knows anyone else who you think is suitable? Or anyone just wants to be match made? I think I've a few more contacts on hand. Okay, not I think, I definitely have a few more contacts one hand. hmm... How come all the guys around me like all so deprived one ah? bah~

I think I shall work on my travel journal now, so that I can get it up and going as soon as possible. I sent out invites to 8 people, but how come like I haven't been getting any feedbacks from anyone yet ah? Wei... People, where are you guys? Do you even check your emails anot? Do you even bother to do your little friend here a favour anot?

till later

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