Monday, June 26, 2006

Want Anything?

I'll be going down to Herzogenaurach tomorrow early morning. What's there? The headquarters of two of the biggest sportswear makers in the world. adidas and Puma. And of course, I'd definitely be visiting the adidas factory outlet, not so sure if I'd make it to the museum. If there's time, I'd drop by the Puma side to see too.

So, if anyone wants anything from there, SMS me IMMEDIATELY. Those who know my Singapore number, SMS me there, those who don't SMS me at +49 0162 1529454. But don't sadle me with too many things, only those you really want, and it's too expensive in Singapore, or not even sold in Singapore.

I'd be going tomorrow, so catch me before I leave there. And more importantly, DO NOT CALL ME. I can't afford to pick up calls, unless you call my German number, bah~ lol~

Okay, that's it, bye!

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