Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tired + Sian + Procrastination + Godknowswhat

I've just got back from Herzogenaurach, no, correction, I've been back for about 23hours already, but I still have not uploaded the photos from my camera to my computer much less upload them online. Now thinking back, I also have not blogged about Singen, so I guess I won't be blogging about Herzogenaurach in the immediate near future. I'm so sian, and I don't know why.

I've lost my drive for blogging.
I've lost my drive to do up photos.
I've lost my drive to do work.

If you have noticed from my MSN messages I've been putting up, I've lost my drive even to talk. Out of ten messages, I think I only reply to two or three, sometimes when I'm in a good mood. And I usually don't talk for long either. I was just checking my chat logs, it's already the 29 of the month, yet my biggest log file stands only at 265kb small. When I was back in Singapore, my log files were like at least 1mb big by the end of the month. And the funny thing is that the people I chat with more frequently now are not my more conventional close friends.

Gabriel who stands at 265kb is someone I've only met twice. Andreas at 199kb is someone I've never met. Andrew who comes in third with 167kb for the month of June is another guy I've never met. Funny that they are all guys. Shit is next with 133kb of messages. Jinwei comes up at 5th position with 114kb. Now it seems even funny that the top five people I chat with are all male. Granted, I think these are the only handle of people I bother relying messages to, so it's no wonder that they have large long files. I think I don't bother to talk to people I haven't talked to in a long while, and bother even less to talk to them for long, so it turns out that I the ones with bigger log files will see their log files get bigger.

Today, I spoke to a grand total of two people online. Not surprisingly they are the top two in my log files. I think I'm suffering from "Newton's First Law". Someone once used that term, I like it a lot~ hehehe...

Anyway, really sorry to those people I've been ignoring, I'm not actually been ignoring you, it's just that I feel tired. Not really interested in making constructive comments about anything, and I'm too tired trying to explain to people how I'm feeling. yea... Maybe that's why I've only been talking to those same few people, because they know that I'm not dead yet, and there's nothing interesting to talk about about my life.

I woke up today with a very bad backache and leg cramps. More about that when I finally get to writing my travel logs. But for now, it's watching Youtube for me and making an AMV. And need to get some work done. Then maybe I'll go to Stuttgart, but only to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, maybe to the Porsche Museum, then I don't know what already.

yea... And I won't be blogging anything decent soon too. Maybe craps, but nothing much. My brain not working already...

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Fatboi Slim said...

Woke up with bad leg cramps in the middle of the night too. They lasted the whole day. No idea how I got them either.