Saturday, July 15, 2006

2006 伍佰 & 張震嶽 搖滾新加坡演唱會


最新消息『2006 伍佰 & 張震嶽 搖滾新加坡演唱會』
演出者:伍佰 & China Blue + 張震嶽 & Free 9
日期: 2006/9/2 星期六
時間: 8 PM
地點: The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo
票價: $58, $78, $98, $128 , $148
Ticket prices exclude SISTIC charge
搶票熱線:+65- 6348 5555

This is yet another post dated entry. I'll edit the date again once I've bought the tickets. Anybody interested can contact me.

FUCK~~~ Tickets not out for sale yet! DAMNIT DAMNIT, bluff me...

Updated again!!!
I bought the tickets liao~~~ wahahaha~ row 3 or 4 somemore, sear 13 and 14. Now I need someone to go with me, price negotiable. I'm now so happy despite serious lack of sleep and throbbing headache.


I think I should start designing my placard already~ heeheehee~ I sound like a groupie all over again. But then, he's Wubai! I so want to be his groupie~ bah~

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