Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Height of Human Stupidity

or should I just say, IGNORANCE?

In a forum a trawl frequently, this person said this to me:
"Joan, maybe the jersey's quailty in Germany is better."

I whinced in disgust and distaste and all the dis- words came out. How on earth can there be a person so ignorant? How on earth can a guy, 26 years of age (if I'm not wrong), working adult, say something so naive? Even my secondary school younger sister probably knows everything about the workings of international companies in the age of the 21st century.

Let's put it this way, the Big Mac Theory, other than that showing purchasing power parity, it is chosen because EVERY BIG MAC IN THE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY THE SAME. Similarly, every adidas product you can buy in a retail store is absolutely the same. They all are churned out from factories in China. That is unless you are David Beckham, Riquelme, Zinedine Zidane, Oliver Kahn, Kaka, Arjen Robben, Steven Gerrard, Michael Ballack, you won't get shoes made in Herzogenaurach anymore.

I still feel like strangling him. I can't believe he's so stupid.

Okay, I'm feeling so mean, that I shall now start to personal attack him. And some of the stupid guys in the forum.

There's this forum thread which discusses about love life, and the guys in the thread are all pathetic, including the above mentioned guy. They moan about not being able to find the girl who would love them but talk nothing about finding a girl they would love. They moan about there are no more nice girls on earth but forget that the nice girls take no interest in them. All these just provides evidence that they will never get a nice girl, or rather a nice and smart one.

A quote from the above mentioned loser:
"Girls only wants guys money! Girls only go for looks! Not love. There's no more love anymore. Girls are heartless! Sorry if I'm too harsh. So far, I haven't bump into any nice, sweet girls who wants pure love. Well, so sad & so ashame. This world has changed into something really shity. No wonder there's so many guys turning AJ. Dun believe? I can intro some AJ friends, who was played and dumped by girls before. Haiz.... Disappointing..."

My reply, but with his name censored:
"(censored), instead of saying you "haven't bump into any nice, sweet girls who wants pure love", why not say that you haven't bumped into any nice, sweet girls who would love you purely. don't blame the girls, blame yourself cos there are definitely girls out there who are nice and sweet and wants pure love, though not from you."

I'd dig up more loser-ish posts from him if I'd the time, but for the moment, after ranting here, I think I'm sort of pacified.

Really, I wonder if he had got the hint the last time we went out that I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM EVER AGAIN. If he really did not get the hint, after me pulling another guy down to meet him for dinner, I think he can be banished to the loser cupboard for the rest of his life. I think I'm too nice a person already, should have snubbed him in the face, but well, I am nice, so I've to put up with losers. wahaha~ And the stupid thing is that he's not the only one.

No wonder I never feel like chatting on MSN with people, other than those usual mates whom I chat with. bah~


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i didn't know guys would say those kind of things. gosh. funny leh. wad no girls want pure love.. it's just like us girls who groan abt not being able to find a nice guy..