Sunday, July 02, 2006

Visiting adidas in Herzogenaurach

The actual travel log will be up much much later, this is just a photolog to show people that YOU HAVE SEEN IT HERE FIRST!!!

Places visited in Herzogenaurach:
- museum featuring sneakers culture
- adidas headquarters
- adidas centre
- adidas factory outlet

I feel like an adidas groupie now, but anyway, hope you guys will like what you see here, all from the sleepy little town of Herzogenaurach. And remember, you've first seen these pictures here, taken by Joan Ang.

Teamgeist welcoming all people into the town of Herzogenaurach.

That big rotating ball was sitting right smack at the entrance into the town in the middle of the traffic circle.

World Cup Germany 2006.

FIFA approved.

adidas headquarters in the town.
There's another of those big rotating Teamgeists at the bottom of that huge gigantic Argentina banner.

Herzogenaurach played host to the Argentine football team. Actually, it's not really the town which played host, unlike other hosting towns, it's adidas who played host. The Argentina team was like staying in the adidas hotel, training at the adidas sports training facilities. The press conferences were conducted by adidas. yea... I heard it when I went over to the adidas centre at the outskirts of the town. I went there by accident but more about that another time.

Though adidas might have wanted Argentina to win, but I guess adidas is much much happier than Germany won the match. lol~

In front of the adidas centre.
With the huge gold Teamgeist Berlin ball.

With the match details except the competing teams.
But then again, nobody would be able to play with such a huge ball.

+Teamgeist Berlin.

Another big big ball.
This was outside the adidas Factory Outlet at the outskirts of the town.

Now we go take a preview in the Museum featuring adidas and Puma. To those who don't know, Puma is also a German brand, in fact, it's a brand also from Herzogenaurach. It's founder is Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adolf (Adi) Dassler, the founder of adidas. This reminds me the story once told by Prof Murfett. After the war, the Americans decided to break up German dominance of the chemical industry, so it decided to divide the biggest chemical company of Germany into four smaller chemical plants. Of these four chemical plants, in about twenty years, three of them formed the biggest four chemical plants in the world. The breaking up of the bigger original company resulted in greater efficency and drive to succeed.

This must be something German, to see the breaking up of the Gebrüder Schule Fabrik into adidas and Puma resulting in them at one stage in time garnering 80% of the sportswear market. Even until now, they are the leading sportswear manufacture in the world minus America.

Sidetrack a little bit, America is such an outcast lor. With the whole world other than itself totally glued to the World Cup, I really can't understand why it's still so disinterested to that sport. bah~

Anyway, on to my preview of the museum.

An autographed adidas jersey of the 1990 World Cup winning German team.

Pele's autographed Puma football boots.
Actually I'm not that interested in Pele or Puma, just thought you might want to see it. I said I'm an adidas groupie!!!

The first football boot produced by the brothers when they weren't estranged, out of their mother's backyard in 1924.

There are more to see and more to hear from me when I finally get down to blogging about my travel logs, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures~ And enjoy the World Cup~ I was just counting, I've altogether watched 36 out of 60 matches already played, though I've only watched them on TV, but it's good enough~ And of course, I'll definitely watch the remaining 4 matches, all of them!


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