Sunday, July 23, 2006

Joan is Mean, Very Very Mean...

Update: To those who think I'm mean, omg... you should see my 8 friend requests on yahoo messenger. SUCKS!!! And worse, their pathetic opening lines... *faints*

I put this up in my wholivesnearyou profile:
"about me
*note: if you have nothing constructive to say to me, don't bother pm-ing me since i won't have anything constuctive to say to you either. and inconstructive stuff are better left unsaid lest it annoys me.

if you think you have something constructive to say, please express yourself in english, grammar, spelling puncuation and the whole set that comes along. chinese is fine with me if it's chinese characters typed out, traditional or simplified are both fine with me. if you happen to be multilingual, i understand german too, so that's fine with me too, but don't bother using a web translator, that sucks. if you can't communicate properly, don't bother pm-ing me either, i can't communicate with someone who doesn't know how to communicate.*

sorry if i sounded harsh or blunt, it's just that there are really lots of pathetic people out there who live in narrow worlds of their own. but for the rest of you, on to my profile proper~

I've always prided myself as a true blue east coast baby!

but for the moment i've left the shores of east coast and headed to the blackforest...

more about me can be found from my blog. it'd be the best representation of myself in words and pictures, and videos and stuff... yea... i sound exactly like i write~"

Then almost straight after that, this person PM-ed me.
Cher Hwee, 22m, single, from Ang Mo Kio. Go look him up in wholivesnearyou if you have nothing better to do.

1st Message:
"Hello i came across your profile and hope you don't mind and care to make a friend and you got use MSN and friendster?"
From this message, it's very clear that he can't speak decent English but is trying very hard to. Really, try so hard for what? Really that hard up for friends meh?
Next, he enroached a pet peeve of mine.

Since he was trying hard to speak proper English, I decided to entertain him (and myself, I had that feeling that that conversation would make a good blog entry on me dissing pathetic low lifes, I can just feel it. yea... I'm feeling mean tonight...) and replied him with this message:
"if you had read my profile you should have known better than to be annoying"

2nd Message:
"so can become friends?"
This really made me despise him even more. First he totally disregarded my reply. Next he was persistent. Then is his definition of friends. So, if I give him my MSN and my (imaginary) Friendster, we would instantly become friends? Really that hard up for friends meh?

My Reply:
"as about the possibility of you speaking proper english"
I really was feeling mean. Granted, if he had not brought up my pet peeve, or the "become friends" line, I don't mind having a nice stupid conversation over the private message function tonight. Don't really have anything to do... But I was getting more and more annoyed by his desperateness that I became meaner.

3rd Message:
"told you the truth that my englishn for typing is not that good but can speak proper english"

My Reply:
"you speak as you write, you write as you speak. there isn't a difference between speaking and writing."

4th Message:
"so can?"

5th Message:
"so then we can't become friends is it?"

My Reply:
"lest not talk about whether you can speak english, can you understand english in the first place?"
My reply was to the 4th message, the 5th one came too fast. Really, some people just don't understand, don't get it, are so stupid.

6th Message:

My Reply:
"apparently, it would seem more likely to be the contrary"
Okay, I was trying to sound smart. Actually, it was because I went to check out his profile and wasn't very impressed by his educational qualifications. Once someone (yes Cindy, everything will be someone here and someone there) showed me a preview of his resume, he included his very unimpressive O Level and A Level results. erm... If I were an employer, his University grades would have impressed me quite a bit and I think that unimpressive stuff can have negative influence, so if you have nothing nice to write, don't bother writing it down! duh~

7th Message:
"i see and why you so harsh whether people can speak proper english? (sorry just asking and mean no harm)"

My Reply:
"isn't it very frustrating if you can't undestand another person? not to mention annoying, irritating, disgusting, horrible, pathetic... bah~"
I'm not saying my English is very good. My group of close friends can say for sure that when I talk to them, sometimes they can don't understnad my jumbled up English. But that's only between my close friends. With people I don't feel comfortable with, I stick to something proper, rather than the usual Joan jargon. Only when I start to warm up to people, then the Joan jargon will all arise and suddenly I'm talking in a more bastardised English than Singlish. yea... I have double standards, so what? Not happy ah? wahaha~

8th Message:
"i see and can said so, how about exchange e-mail address so that I can add you at msn or friendster?"
Really, if he had not brought up this pet peeve yet again, I think I'd be much kinder to him. What the fuck?!!! How old liao le, still living in Friendster world? Friendster is for losers. Okay, if you are sure you know everybody in your friendster list, fine, but adding people for the sake of adding people, Friendster or MSN is just plain loserish.

My Reply:
"you said you see, but are you really seeing anything?"
And I don't really like it when people say "I see" when they don't really understand.

9th Message:
"i can understand what you mean but is that really important to you that much?"
He says he understand, then why is he still asking me the fucking same question? Is he stupid or what?

My Reply:
"if you get annoyed by every other message you receive would you consider that like very extremely annoying? okay, granted, i don't think you can ever understand how that feels."
I have a long list of pathetic PMs sent by like a whole slew of losers from wholivesnearyou. yea... I don't think he'll ever be in my position. wahaha~

10th Message:
"I will not consider that kind is extremely annoying and if you said like that, I will have nothing to said!"
Of course, he'd want people to message him, disturb him, entertain him, blah him... Some people will just never understand how it feels like to be utterly irritated by stupidity. Oh well... Different people live in different worlds, I guess~

My Reply:
"ahh... you will not consider it as annoying because you don't get annoyed by it. that's the difference between an english speaker and a non english speaker."
Actually, I wanted to say this is the difference between a smart person and a loser, but I pity him, don't want to make him feel worse, besides, he will never understand. I guess this is the difference between someone who stays in Ang Mo Kio and someone who stays in East Coast.

Last Message:
"i see then I have nothing to said already!"
Look through his messages, how many times had he used "to said"? This is like kindergarden grammar lor. Of course, I too had nothing more to SAY, and didn't bother replying him again.

It's little things like these that make me realise that the world is very big. And filled with lots and lots of stupid people. I made another jibe at this 33 year old guy who sent me a friend request on yahoo360. I don't answer messages on my yahoo360 and have ignored all friend requests, and deleted all those "friends" whom I previously accepted. Those left are really my friends. Anyway, I went to view that person's 360 because he bore the exact same name as a friend of mine, hence I wanted to check if that was my friend, but apparently it wasn't. Maybe because I hadn't seen a stupid person for quite sometime, so I sent in my rebutals.

I've actually also been ignoring lots of PMs in wholivesnearyou, hence I put up that above note in my profile. I thought it would help by stopping all the incoming PMs, that stupid Cher Hwee really damn hard up sia. I replied his message actually because he was the first person to PM me after I added that note to my profile. Wanted to check if there's improvement in the quality of the people who send me PMs, but apparently not.

The only reason why I'm still on wholivesnearyou is the forums. If not, I'd let it die and burn in hell and never let my eyes set on another word of stupidity. There are more decent people in the forums than those losers sending out PMs. Wait, there are still two losers in the forums... Sucks... But I still generally like most of the people there. Even those who had heated exchanges with me.

bah~ I think growing up in a private estate and going to "good" schools my whole life's really sheltering me from all the losers out there.


crazyyuan said...

yes joan.. u are v mean.. v mean.. its not his fault mah. and u dun have to be so mean..

Dinaysh said...

After reading your WLNY profile, I got the impression that you're kinda harsh. I thought maybe I was being a lil' shallow minded so I decided to read up a lil' on your feelings. So here I am. And...

I think you're downright scary. No offence. =x

Fatboi Slim said...

Once someone...showed me a preview of his resume, he included his very unimpressive O Level and A Level results...

I wonder who it could be? ;)

xxoos said...

so zihui, you're saying that you're not mean? fuck sia...

crazyyuan said...

i never say that i am not mean..