Sunday, July 23, 2006

Added Two Old Entries

I've decided to close down my yahoo! 360 blog, as in delete all the old blog entries and keeping it closed. yea... I've closed down my MSN space blog last year. The photos are still up there, the profile is still there, just that all blog entries are deleted.

Since most of the entries are crap anyway, it doesn't matter if I didn't save them. But I've picked out two entries which are somewhat decent and decided to incorporate them into here. I dated them as the original dates from the 360 blog, so here are the URLs if you guys are interested.

he's married
Of Old Fong Seng and Cafe Cartel -- Chicken Burgers

I deleted most of my profile information. Deleted it so that I don't need to update it. Does it matter that I don't want to divulge anymore information? yea... Previously in my other blogskin I had a whole long column of information about what I like and what I dislike. It doesn't really matter anymore since people never take heeds of my dislike and still continually annoy me.

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