Saturday, July 22, 2006


Someone asked why I so long never blogged. I very long never blog meh? Considering, yea... It's been quite a while since I've a decent blog entry. I'm tried ba...

I was just entrusting my module bidding to someone. Hopefully everything will go well. And hopefully I can trust the person enough to not feel the pressure of bidding this time round. I hate biddings.

Someone was telling me something in passing, and I felt an unfounded sense of jealousy. I hate myself so much that I don't really know what to do. Don't know how to react to this sort of jealousy.

I am wondering, why English private schools are called public schools, and public schools are called state schools? British fogeys.

I'm now totally into Ouran High School Host Club. I'm doing lots of photoshop designing for them. I like Tamaki, he's so shuai. I introduced that anime to someone and now we both are crazy otakus.

I went to bed last night thinking that I shall go Zurich this weekend. I went to buy the tickets just now, and also bought tickets to Stuttgart on Tuesday. I'm really living the European dream. I shall go Prague one day. Even if I cannot go Venice, I shall go Prague.

I was wiki-ing about last night and decided that even though Prague might be the most beautiful town in the whole wide world, it's not the most beautiful place. Jiuzhaigou is. damn... I'm so jealous of that someone who lives there. yea... I've a friend who lives there.

Wiki-ing a little bit more, I found out that the Americans actually bombed the town that even Hitler couldn't bear to bomb. The bloody fucking Americans mistook Prague for Dresden. I hate the Americans.

Someone is going to Taiwan fo a holiday. I want to go too~ I've never been to Taiwan. hai~

I was tricked my someone using an online fake site into revealling a secret. Surprisingly, I didn't blow up as I thought I would have. Am I mellowing? Or is it that I'm just too jaded?

I'm looking for someone to go with me to Wubai's concert. I asked a few people, someone said that even if it's free, don't want to go. wtf...

Currently playing on my Windows Media Player on repeat mode is the song yitiantulongji by Adam Cheng. It's a song from the 70s. I think I'm somewhere lost in time.

I have a friend who's going through similar problems like what I've went through during my rough patch. I feel sorry for that someone, and want to wish happiness for that person, but I don't know... hai...

I want to buy my Chelsea jersey and wear it to my War and Society class, but I'm secretly afraid of being thrown out of the class. Lecturers can't anyhow throw students out of the class... right?

I am tired. Shall go and wash up now and then sleep. I hate warm weathers in Europe, without air conditioning. Sucks~


cindy said...

hehe.. if u noe tt i've went to prague before, will u be jealous of me?? MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA... prague is beautiful! it's known to be the most beautiful town in europe.. MUST GO! :)

cindy said...

anyway y u keep someone here someone there.. got ppl comment tt u divulge their privacy??

xxoos said...

i'm not jealous of material things because i know that if i want them i can get them, but most of the time i don't actually crave for material stuff. anw, i think most prob i won't be gg prague.

the most beautiful things are things you know you can never get.

it's keeping my own privacy by not divulging names.