Friday, July 21, 2006

Chelsea's New adidas Kit

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From the next season onwards, two of my biggest favourites will come together for the next 8 years. I can't wait to lay my hands on this. I will buy it. And wear to Farrell's lectures. wahahaha~ I'm so evil.


Actually it doesn't really look much different. The Samsung Mobile ogo is the same, the Chelsea crest is the same, the blue is the same. I guess what will be different is the THREE STRIPES!!! excited~


12.7.2006 7.22pm Updated!

I received this in my mail!!! shuai~~~ the guy with the three stripes down his shoulders~

erm... Don't click there, you won't get to order it because you'll only get to my flickr account if you click that picture. I'm so going to buy it man... Man, can see all the cash flowing out of my wallet now... There's still the concert above. kauz...

13.7.2006 Updated!

The details of the mesh thingie of the climacool technology jersey. How cool~ wahahaha... My Chelsea lad are now all much much cooler than before~ And I really like this shade of blue seeing it in the bright. Can't wait for more details of the shirt to be out!!!


14.7.2006 Updated!

The adidas logo to verify that this is an original jersey at the bottom of the shirt. It doesn't look very clear here. Must buy the original shirt to see, buy fake ones from pasar malam definitely don't have this logo~

15.7.2006 Updated!
chelsea logo

the Chelsea logo, different from the crest. This sits at the bottom of the back of the jersey, so when wearing the shirt, must tuck out~ If not nobody can see the logos... hehehe~

18.7.2006 Updated!
I missed a couple of days, sorry. The webbie also wasn't updated, bah~ Anyway, more pictures here~

The climacool logo at the bottom of the shirt along with the mesh bordering the shirt. Different from the other climacool logo up there. The one up there is for the back, the top, near the neck there.

teamgeist logo
The logo of the Teamgeist. On all of adidas' football jerseys. Of course, that includes Chelsea.

Actually, some photos of the Chelsea team having their preseason training are already out. I think it's possible to guess how the Chelsea shirt will look like based on these training shirts.



Can't wait to lay my hands on the new jersey!!!

19.7.2006 Updated!

A blown up view on the Chelsea crest. I was looking through the Chelsea's site on their crests over the past years, I think the current crest is the nicest. It's very grand and stately, the previous crest is simple, actually I don't like the lion head in the previous crest. lol~ The design wasn't really good, but well, it's okay, I still love my club~

I think the last thing to be unveiled tomorrow would be the adidas performance logo which would probably be in the middle top of the jersey, like those seen in the training jerseys. I so want to buy the jersey~

20.7.2006 Updated!
This will be the last time I'm updating this page. Anyway, I've guessed correctly, the remaining detail is that adidas performance logo at the neck line and the caped collar.

Bringing you Lampard modelling the full kit~

Notice all the logos are strategically placed? lol~ But I really like Lampard's built man... His shoulders are so nice squared and broad, I bet they are damn comfy to lean on, and his chest looks so muscular... wahaha~ I i put my face there I think I can hear his heart beat through the thin layer of shirt. okokok~ Enough of my groupie groans.

The goalkeeper jersey is modelled by Cudicini. I love Cudicini to bits, I think he's the second best goalkeeper in the whole of the Premier League, losing only to Cech, so in Chelsea we have two of the best keepers in the league. I was a bit surprised to see Cudicini modelling it, but I think Cech's away on some kind of fundraising match or something.

I wonder why they cut out his feet. Is it because he's not wearing adidas boots? hehehe~

One thing I don't like about football jerseys is the long sleeves. Some player prefer to wear long sleeved jerseys, I don't know why, I don't like it, but some players prefer to wear short sleeved ones. I currently can't think of any Chelsea examples, most of the Chelsea players wear according to the temperatures, but taking a world known name, David Beckham, you almost never see him in a short sleeve jersey, he always wear long sleeved ones be it in Real Madrid or with England. Speaking os Real, Casillas is one who always wear short sleeves, no matter what the temperatures are, and he always tucks out his jersey, and he always look damn shuai. wahaha~

I think black is a nice colour. The away kits have not been revealled, personally I hope it would be black instead of powder blue, the powder blue looks greyish to me. But then, if the away kit is black, I think I would buy both the home and away kits, so no no no... I'm like going broke liao le.

Profile view of the three stripes~

We will win the Premiership title for the third season in the row this coming season.
We will finally in the UEFA Champions League title.
Then we will win the FA Cup and League Cup with our bench warmers.
This will be the season of the blues~ wahaha~

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