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That Girl Emily

That Girl Emily

Everything happened way too fast, that's all I can say.

But well, being the sucker that I am, I do feel a bit for "her". Made me think about my problems all over again. Maybe I should get a billboard too. hahaha~ I know of one place which I can hang the billboard there and address two people at the same time. Mean? Maybe I am...

The Revenge
Suddenly thought about that... hehehe~

Scarlet brought a knife with her on her last expedition to Ming's house. She wanted to end everything once and for all, and she wanted Ming to pay back for all the time and youth she had lost on him.

Scarlet knew where Ming lived. She had been stalking him for quite some time, since he tried to break up with her. Once in a while, Scarlet would stalk Ming's wife instead. Shan, Scarlet knew all about her. In the early days when Scarlet and Ming were together, Ming had already talked to her about Shan. They had even met on two brief occasions which Scarlet had staged. Once she appeared in front of Ming and Shan while they were shopping for groceries and introduced herself to Shan as Ming's friend. The other time she identified herself to Shan while she 'coincidentally' met her near Shan's office.

But Scarlet had mixed feelings about Shan. She hated her definitely because she was the love of Ming, but she also pitied her of her ignorance to the two timing nature of Ming. Some nights Ming would appear lonely and sad in front of Scarlet, and she'd pity Shan for not knowing that her husband was such a weak person who need conforting yet didn't dare tell her. Scarlet always thought that even though Ming might be two timing her, at least she knew who was he two timing her on, and at least that that person was his wife. But Shan knew nothing. As a women, Scarlet's heart did went out for Shan.

But as Ming's love for Shan grew stronger and more resolved, he wanted to end all ties he had with Scarlet, Scarlet's jealousy grew stronger. It wiped out whatever remnants of sympathy she had for Shan. She just wanted Shan out of the way so that she could have Ming all to herself.

That was not possible as she slowly came to know. After stalking Ming and Shan for some time, Scarlet realised that nothing was able to change the love Ming had for Shan.

So she thought of another idea as revenge. She knew Ming rather well, after being together on and off for about five years. It's amazing how his wife never suspected anything after they were togehter for this long a period. Scarlet knew that despite Ming's ill treatment and lack of love for her, Ming was very apologetic to her. He knew that Scarlet had sacrificed a lot for Ming, and yet he was unable to repay her with anything. Scarlet planned to make use of Ming's soft spot for her and make him pay it with his life.

Consumed with thoughts of revenge and jealousy, Scarlet remembered the old Chinese saying "死太便宜他了" and sought to think of a revenge that would make him pay for life with his regret.

Nestling the knife in her passenger car seat, the seat where Ming would sit on if he were in her car, she drove over to his house. She felt as though it was the old days, when she would drive over to his house and pick him up to go somewhere for a night out.

She was never officially been invited into Ming's house before, but she had been stalking the house since she found out where he lived. Some afternoons when she knew Ming was out and Shan was at home, she'd drive by the house and peek into the windows to catch a glimsp of Shan if she were lucky. This time, she brought her knife with her and walked up the stairs. It was 18 stories up, but she didn't take the lift. She didn't know why she did that either. Maybe she was hoping that the energy she spent on walking up the stairs was able to sooth the burning desire for revenge inside her. But it was no use, she still wanted to make lives for Ming and Shan as miserable as possible.

She finally reached Ming's doorstep. Ming wasn't at home. She knew that. She knew that this time he would be at work, she had noticed his car was not in the carpark too, so she just peeked into the house for a sight of Shan. She seemed to be cooking in the kitchen.

Shan, cooking for her husband. Ming, coming home to eat the home-cooked meal made by Shan, was simply too much for Scarlet to take it.

With the knife, she slit her finger. With the bloodied finger, Scarlet wrote something on the landing in front of Ming's house.

"To Shan, I am your husband's mistress. Are you surprised? I know you played no part in anything done by your husband, maybe I'll be forgiving and not blame you for my plight, but I really cannot bring myself to forgive Ming."

The finger Scarlet had slit had dried up, so she took her knife and made more slits onto her other fingers, and continued.

"To Ming, I hate you. I blame you for this mess I am in right now. And you should take blame for it too. Look closely over railings, see? That piece of work is crafted by you, no one else but you. After I am gone, please continue to remember me, remember the girl who loves you more than anyone else, and who will continue to love you even till death. Goodbye. I love you, as much as I hate you."

With her bloodied fingers, Scarlet tooked out her handphone and made one last call over to Ming.

"Hello, Ming?"

"What do you want?"

"I'm outside your house. I can see Shan cooking. I think I'll knock on her door after I hang up this phonecall. Maybe you'd like to rush home and attempt to explain our relationship to her?"

"What the fuck do you want? Don't you dare disturb Shan, I warn you."

Scarlet walked over to the door and knocked a couple of times clearly, allowing the sound to penetrate through the phone.

"Yes? Who's it?" came the voice from inside. Scarlet allowed that to make it's way through the receiver of the phone.

As the door opened, "Yes?" came Shan's voice. Scarlet turned away from the door and hurdled herself over the railing. "Come home now, Ming." was the last Ming heard from Scarlet before a loud thud. In the background, Ming seemed to have heard a very familiar loud scream.

That was enough for Ming to immediately rush out of his office and back home.

bah~ Anyway, by the time I'd be back in Singapore, back to watching television back to being connected to the English speaking side of the world, and by then the 14 days would be up and we'd know what sort of gimmick is behind the whole thing. And by the way, anyone knows how uch it costs to put up a billboard?

PS: I suddenly remembered one thing. Ming's full name is actually Steven Wong Tse Ming. hahaha~ Steven...

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