Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MSN Nicks

I'm damn bored. I've finished Ouran High School Host Club already. Not finished as in finished, but I've watched all those that are out already. That anime is still running, so now I'm waiting for Ouran 15, xxxholic 15, Tsubasa Chronicles 38, and hopefully some kind soul can upload Dectective Conan Movie 10 soon.

Anyway, I'm so bored that I'm feeling mean. I shall pick out some stupid nicks some people have put on their MSN. I'm going down my list alphabetically, and would probably do it until I'm bored, so if there are crappier MSN nicks lower in the list and I didn't put them up doesn't mean I don't think that it's crappy.

- praise the lord for today's double blessings
What did the lord do? I don't think he technically did anything to you. bah~

- trust doesn't require reasoning
Trust is bullshit sia. yea... I have a problem with trust.

- don't let the mistakes of your past be burdens that drag you down, but treasures that you can carry with you
There's a puncuation error here. Besides mistakes are mistakes, how can they be treasures? Experience is treasure, but not mistakes.

- eine nacht laufen gelassen mit mousie
I hate people who use translators. I HATE!!! If you don't know a language, don't use it, what for use a bloody stupid cmi translator??? diaoz...

- you'll never walk alone
Bloody hell. I hate Liverpool!!!

- it's disappointing in that respect but i said if you have dreams, don't put your dreams at risk by not using contraception
This is pure discrimination. Who said pregnant women can't have dreams? Besides, I'm against contraceptions, so I'm totally against that quote. Even though I don't want everyone else to believe as I do, I think it's better for people to decide for themselves what they want. Dreams can still be achieve together with pregnancy, Narrow-minded Discriminating Fool.

- italy, you deserve that world cup. france, go home and practice.
Just because someone won and someone lost doesn't mean that that person who won deserved to win and that person who lost deserved to lose.

- ich liebe sie.
Technically, if it meant I love her, there's nothing wrong, but it was "Ich liebe Sie", so it meant I love you, but if I love you is used, it should be ich liebe dich. Another duh person who not only is using a translator but a very lousy translator. Reminds be of the comic line in Barfuss. lol~ Actually if you want to use "Ich liebe Sie", it's also possible, but only in rare ocasions. Like me in the Wubai concert~ bah...

- loving God
Are you saying you are loving God, or God is loving? If you are loving God then shouldn't you die so that you can be with God and serve him? If you think God is loving then why are there still so much misery in life? bah~ I'm feeling so anti at this moment...

- for spanish is a beautiful language
My housemates apparently don't agree. Neither do I. And I think French sucks too. I hate Francophiles.

- i'm not afraid to let others see my tattoos cos i am not a bad guy. the reason why i got it is for art.
If it's for art then there's no need to explain. Really, what's a big deal over tattoos, immatured oversensitive prick? No one really cares why you've got a tattoo, except yourself, so there's no need to explain.

- please save the seals
What kind of seals need saving? Apparently, I'm also very head hearted too. Unless there's some sort of fantasy action to it, like seals being the Japanese chop (whatever you call those little wooden blocks with words carved on it) and they get lost, and you are on a mission to save them, sort of like cardcaptor like that. sucks~ I think I'm watching too much anime on youtube already.

- I have wings even though I can't fly with them.
What are wings for? Like chicken, wings for eating, not for flying. crap...

- Manchester United

- so sian weekend again
Obviously this person doesn't know what is puncuation, or verbs, or subject.

- i can't talk, what's worse than this?
That you are dead, perhaps?

- expect the worst in life, that way you'll never be disappointed.
bullshit. Living a life with no hopes, no expectations, no anything, live for what? Go and die la, then you will never never never ever encounter any more disappointments.

I've actually went through my whole list!

Joan's pet peeves with other people's nicks.
- No nick, only a quote, and it changes every day. *tsk tsk* Even if it's something totally boring like your name, please at least put on something permanent so that you can be identified can anot?
- Emoticons. I hate emoticons, in nicks or in messages exchanged. It's irritating and it clogs up the space.
- Sticky caps. I hate sticky caps, in nicks or in a profile page. It's damn irritating and difficult to read. And if you are a guy using sticky caps, go fug yourself.
- Anything about God. Evangelists, go away.
- Anything out from a translator. If you copy a quote from somewhere, fine. If you know that language, or learning that language, fine. If you take it out from a translator, what the heck??? English not good enough is it? What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to prove to?
- Pathetic English. If you shorten you to u, fine, since there's a limit in characters you can use in MSN, but I don't see what's with mi for me.

I think I'm in a very mean mood tonight. bah~ And ther's something wrong with my sentence structuring lately. Ever since I've got that writer's block for writing my essay, I haven't been able to write long proses effectively. There's something seriously wrong with me.

By the way, to those who haven't noticed it yet, I haven't been online for a very long time. But since I've been saying that I've been hooked onto youtube, I'm apparently online. I've blocked everyone on my MSN list except for one group of people. I've nothing against you, it's just that I don't feel like talking to people I'm not comfortable with. Even my close friends. Also because I don't want to ignore you guys if you guys message me which is what I'd have done if I didn't block you and you messaged me. The only group I left unblocked is the group I've named "people I chat with". And that group is only 10 people big (small), including two contacts of my sister, so effectively, it's only 9 people. Considering that my sister is not allowed to use the computer and another friend is wandering the streets of Europe, there're only 8 active people.

Fuck. I'm becoming more and more anti-social. I think the people on my list knows who they are, since they're like the very few people I've shown my groups of MSN contacts. yea... I've shown Cindy (both) and Jinwei. They say I'm mean. bah~

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u're too bored..

*scrambles off to check if i put my name to identify myself in my nick*