Friday, May 20, 2005

Of Old Fong Seng and Cafe Cartel - Chicken Burgers


I was at Cafe Cartel and this chicken burger caught my eye. I hadn't wanted to eat something that filling yet wanted something substantial. That was it, a chicken burger. I noticed that their fish burger included an egg, so on my order noted, I put down "add egg" as a special request. Indeed, I got my chicken burger with egg at no extra cost, of course, with the usual 5% GST. (edit: I went another branch of Cartel on another occasion and was charged $0.50-$1.00 more for the add egg, can't remember, but it's still okay.)

When the chicken burger arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see the burger of the second picture, with the egg. I exclaimed that it reminded me of the old Fong Seng's chicken burger, the one in the above picture. Too bad, after Fong Seng changed hands, the chicken burger changed too. The new chicken burger doesn't have as large a portion of chicken as before.

What's so great about the chicken burger? The old Fong Seng chicken burger as you can see in the above picture, has a large piece of breadcrumb chicken, with egg and cheese and garlic spread. The new one has like a small chicken fillet about 1/4 the size of its predecessor. The Cartel chicken burger? It's chicken is about 1.25 the size of the old Fong Seng's one, with egg added as special request and mayo spread.

As I bit into the Cartel burger, I was immediate brought back to old Fong Seng times. "Wow... This tastes like the old Fong Seng burger. I like."

My friends were like, "You are comparing Fong Seng to Cafe Cartel?!!"

Well, I was. To me, I was complimenting Cartel, but really, it seemed very ironic, I mean, that was Cartel, I was like comparing Pasar Malams to Robinsons, not really a compliment actually. Especially when you compare, the burger at Fong Seng was $3.50 and the one at Cartel was $8.50 + 5% GST. Anyway, the Cartel burger will be making its way to Joan's favourite food list liao~ wahaha~

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